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25 DIY Nursery Decor Ideas

When my first child was born, Pinterest didn’t even exist.

Man that makes me sound old.

And now I’m going to sound even older, because I’m almost glad it didn’t exist. How would I have ever made a decorating decision? Instead of drooling over inspiring images online, I walked the aisles of baby stores looking for inspiration.

His nursery was simple but exactly what I wanted. And – when his sister was born just a year later and took over that nursery – I was glad that I hadn’t spent too much time customizing it for my son.

I’m finished having kids now, but every time I see an amazing nursery online, I almost feel the urge to have another baby – just so I can decorate a nursery again!

My husband says that’s not a good reason to have another baby.


So instead, I’ll walk you through some of my favorite nursery design ideas. We’ll talk through some DIY options, and I’ll also give you links in case you prefer to BUY instead of DIY.


Sometimes when we think of DIY, our minds start racing with thoughts of tearing out walls and trying to do our own electrical work.

Luckily, DIY can be as easy as creating a piece of artwork or adding peel and stick wallpaper. It can be stenciling a design above the crib or creating a gallery wall.

In the following nursery design inspirations, get a feel for what you might want to DIY – and then use the links I provide in case you want to buy instead. (No one will judge you, I promise!)

Hanging Floral Branch


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This hanging floral branch would look amazing in pretty much every room in my house. Unfortunately, I’m probably the only person that thinks so, so it most likely isn’t going to happen.

BUT – please do it in your nursery. Okay? For me?

Here’s a link to the DIY on how to create this floral branch. Isn’t it dreamy?


If you don’t have it in you to make your own floral hanging branch, buy this one instead.

Grab the unicorn head here. (I have the same one in my house!)

Here’s a link to the white crib.


This lovely room just exudes peace and comfort, don’t you think? And there are more DIY ideas squeezed in here than you probably first realize.

And let’s just be honest – is shiplap in a nursery EVER wrong? (HINT: it’s not!) Especially when you fake it with peel and stick wallpaper.

Yes. I said wallpaper!


Shiplap – Peel and Stick Wallpaper

X O Prints – so simple and sweet!

Sputnik Ceiling Light

Wood diffuser – this one has wifi!

Pink sherpa blanket.

White sherpa pillow

Hexagon shelves

Desk lamp

Fit for a Queen (or King)


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Hello! Is it terrible to say that I wouldn’t mind moving into this room for myself? In addition to all of the eye candy in this room, it also has some super practical design choices.

Like the couch.

If you’ve ever had a newborn, then you know that it’s fairly likely that you’ll be sleeping in the nursery more than your own room for awhile. With this couch, at least you can be a little more comfortable while doing it!

I’m also loving how they were able to incorporate a lot of different “themes” – swans, clouds, crowns, eyelashes, polka dots – but by keeping to the same basic colors of gold, blush, black and white, it all comes together and works. Well done!


Gold Crown Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Sleepy Eye Decals

White crib

Swan rocking chair.

Pink chandelier

Similar laundry hamper and toy storage. (Check out the other colors/patterns too!)

Sleepy eyes pillow

We couldn’t find the exact mobile, but we’re sort of loving this one even more. Plus you can customize your colors when you order.



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Really – is there anything better than this floral nursery? Take note of the beadboard running along the bottom of the walls. This is a super simple DIY that can really make your wallpaper pop.

Looking for more simple updates that can have a huge impact? That ceiling fan is a great example. Who would have thought they made them that fancy?


Pink blackout curtains

Modern ceiling fan

White crib

Floor lamp

Let her sleep sign.

White pelt rug

Snowy Rose Removable Wallpaper

This will make your Ovaries Ache


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I can confidently state that this is the nursery of my baby boy dreams. It’s sweet without being too babyish. It’s perfect parts modern and nostalgic. And I’m intensely obsessed with animal heads, so this is obviously right up my alley.

The board and batten is lovely, and it’s so easy to DIY yourself. Simply nail 2x4s to the wall in your desired pattern and spacing and then paint it.

NOTE: My husband says that it is NOT at all that easy and that you need to take some pretty exact measurements and have tools like a nail gun. You also have to caulk stuff and blah blah blah – that’s where I tuned out. But I was there when we put board and batten up in my middle child’s room, and it really did seem like we were just slapping some wood on the wall and painting it.

Maybe do some research before getting started.


Get the lion here.

Get the elephant here.

Get the buffalo here.

White crib

White pelt rug

Wallpaper (not peel and stick)

Round storage basket.

Minimal and Cozy Nursery Decor


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Are you swooning right along with me? From the wallpaper wall to the oval crib and the SWAN, it’s almost enough for me to have another baby just so I have a nursery to decorate.

I especially love that it’s minimal without being boring. It’s so smart to have the swan above the crib – something lightweight and soft is always a smart choice when choosing above-the-crib decor.

Those of us that have been through the infant process know that eventually this crib will have a bright-colored battery-operated mobile that will entertain the baby long enough for the parents to grab a quick shower, BUT, this would be a super fun and adorable way to start with a nursery.


Click here to buy the swan.

See the removable wallpaper here.

Don’t even get us started on that oval crib. AMAZING!

Having a Baby? This might Help!

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Looking for more great nursery decor ideas?

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