My Life and Mother, Episode 1

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We covered a whole lot in our first show…

My Life and Mother, Episode 1

In our first episode, we covered…

How my mom took me to Meijer to buy my 3rd grade boyfriend a gold chain for Christmas. Seriously. She really did.

We talked about the lie she told that got her out of ever having to sit through another dance recital again in her life (while also making me feel special!) Read more about that here.

Plus how she saved me from years of embarrassment at the 5th grade talent show while ALSO making me feel like I was incredibly talented. Spoiler: I wasn’t. Read all about it here.

We cover how hard it is for my dad to understand the internet. (He thinks our live show will be cancelled any day…)

Plus see my mom blow her nose AND wear her double glasses.

Watch the entire show below, or click here to see it on Facebook.

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