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A Tip for Clean Bathrooms

Our bathrooms have been smelling like urine.

I’ve been chalking it up to a little boy that doesn’t have the greatest aim, but I couldn’t figure out why my bathrooms were smelling – even after I mopped the floors and cleaned the outside (and inside) of the toilets.

So I decided to declare battle on my bathrooms. I stripped them bare. I mixed up a big bucket of cleaning solution, and I started washing everything. The ceiling. The walls. The cabinets. Everything.

I saved the toilets for very last. Because mixed in with my cleaning solution smell – was the unmistakable smell of urine.

And when I grabbed the toilet brush in the first bathroom to give the toilet a good scrubbing, I found my problem.

Apparently, my little boy doesn’t have poor aim – he has perfect aim.

When I lifted the brush – the toilet brush holder was filled nearly to the brim with urine. A quick check in the other bathrooms confirmed that the culprit was the same – all three of my toilet brush holders were full of urine.

So – my tip for a clean bathroom is this:

If your bathroom smells like urine, stop cleaning your toilets with urine-soaked toilet brushes.

The end.

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  1. Way too funny… a funny story that I see myself facing within the next few years. I have 3 children and have been spoiled by my first born being a prim and proper little girl, who likes being clean and everything that goes with it. My next two… are little boys and ready or not… the urine on my bathroom floor will happen. Pray for me. :O)

  2. Artsy VaVa says:

    That is too funny!!! Boys will be boys!

  3. Red Boot Pearl says:

    Hey at least you solved the problem…I'm starting to feel really good about having two little girls in a row.

  4. I just bought new toilet scrubbers and holders for my bathrooms and I just thought you were going to say you had to do the same. OMG, I have a boy, but he never pulled that particular stunt. Hang in there mom!! lol

  5. Hilarious! You are a very talented writer. I love your blog!

    Your newest follower,
    (come take a look if you like)

  6. cheapcraftymama says:

    Ha ha! My boy is 14 months so I will watch out for that in a few years!

  7. So funny. At least your bathroom is spic and span. Glad you found the source.

  8. Youaretalkingtoomuch.com says:

    That is HILAROUS! I shared a room with a baby brother that pee'd in our registers at night. When the air would kick on …or even worse…the heat….it was AWFUL! We couldn't tell where the smell was coming from until they began to rust! AWFUL! I found you through Skip to My Lou and would love for my readers to meet you! Please share this at my "Meet Me Monday" linky party, they would love to meet you! Love, Me

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have a similar problem – my tiny little guest bathroom always smells BAD – my boys aren't peeing in the toilet brush (LOL what WON'T those monkeys get up to, bless their hearts!) but I think I finally beat the problem by wiping down the walls (from floor to toilet seat height) when I clean the bathroom. Their aim doesn't improve when they're in their 20's *ahem* !!!

    There should be a rule – sit inside, stand outside – OR ELSE! LOL!

  10. Oh my word, what a funny story! I have two boys, and thought I was clicking over here to hear how I could help keep the bathroom clean!

  11. Meandering momma says:

    Love it!! No little boys at home anymore- but big ones still come and go- Switching to disposable scrubbers!

  12. Ha! Now that’s a creative place to pee!

  13. VenusGenetrix says:

    Ewww, grosssss! Why???? lol

  14. I worked in a small grocery store and if you closed…you had the fun job of cleaning the bathrooms. WELL….GROWN MEN would pee in the toilet brush holder. What’s wrong with people? Seriously. Gag.

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