A Tip for Clean Bathrooms

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Our bathrooms have been smelling like urine.

I’ve been chalking it up to a little boy that doesn’t have the greatest aim, but I couldn’t figure out why my bathrooms were smelling – even after I mopped the floors and cleaned the outside (and inside) of the toilets.

So I decided to declare battle on my bathrooms. I stripped them bare. I mixed up a big bucket of cleaning solution, and I started washing everything. The ceiling. The walls. The cabinets. Everything.

I saved the toilets for very last. Because mixed in with my cleaning solution smell – was the unmistakable smell of urine.

And when I grabbed the toilet brush in the first bathroom to give the toilet a good scrubbing, I found my problem.

Apparently, my little boy doesn’t have poor aim – he has perfect aim.

When I lifted the brush – the toilet brush holder was filled nearly to the brim with urine. A quick check in the other bathrooms confirmed that the culprit was the same – all three of my toilet brush holders were full of urine.

So – my tip for a clean bathroom is this:

If your bathroom smells like urine, stop cleaning your toilets with urine-soaked toilet brushes.

The end.


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