How to Make Fart Sounds

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Want to know how to make the best fart sounds?

Then you’re in luck.

I’ve been researching, testing and compiling the very best tutorials on how to make the juiciest, most realistic, hilarious fart sounds ever. You’re welcome.

I have yet to find a tense situation that can’t be alleviated by a good, juicy fart. And now you’ll know several ways to make fart sounds – without the smell.

Make Fart Sounds with a Straw

My go-to bedroom trick (and party trick) for the past 12 years, has been the good old straw-in-your-armpit technique. Here’s a video to show you exactly how it’s done.

And – yes – my dad can use TWO straws – because he’s just that awesome.

Upon doing further research, I also discovered you could make fart sounds by putting that same straw in your elbow.

Although I found this to be a little more obvious than a straw hidden in your turtleneck.

How to Make Fart Sounds @MyLifeandKids

And in case you’re super flexible, you can also stick that straw into your knee.

Clearly – this one was tough for me.

How to Make Great Fart Noises @LifeandKidsBlog

If you want to use your imagination, there are a few other places you can stick the straw to get a good fart sound.

I will not be sharing those ways here.

Moving on…

Make Fart Sounds With Your Hands

You don’t need a straw to make a great fart sound. If you have two hands, that will work too.

This little guy is absolutely adorable – and if you squeeze hard enough – his technique works (and that’s NOT what she said – get your head out of the gutter):

Make Fart Sounds With Your Mouth

I have to say, I think these make some of the juiciest farts around. Even Steven does something like this every single time I bend over.

I’m serious.

Every single time I bend over.

Do you know how many times I bend over in a day? Like a million. And every single time, I am reminded that I’m married to a 12-year-old boy.

This guy dominates at juicy farts.

And these girls are total goofballs, but they can rock this fart sound like no other.

And this is just too easy – blow into your elbow and pffftttt – juicy fart.

How to Make a Juicy Fart Sound @LifeandKidsBlog

Other Ways to Make Fart Sounds

Looking for a few more ways to make fart sounds?

Let’s Lasso the Moon uses goop to make those juicy fart sounds (and to make her kids giggle).

And this guy uses a piece of paper. And for some reason I find this video to be absolutely hysterical – even though I don’t think it’s supposed to be:

Need Someone to Make Fart Sounds for You?

I’m not going to lie to you.

I spent 8 minutes of my life just clicking on these fart noises yesterday.

Fart Sounds Make me Laugh

Be sure to click on “out of gas” – that one gets me every time.