S-E-X Sitter

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I was at a party over the summer, and a woman I had never met started talking about her S-E-X Sitter.

What is that you ask?

Well, her S-E-X Sitter arrives every Saturday morning at 6 am. She lets herself into the house and waits for the children to start coming down the stairs.

She makes them breakfast. Lets them watch cartoons. Helps them get dressed.

Keeps them quiet.

She leaves at 11 am, when the parents come downstairs.

My mouth dropped to my toes as this woman told me about her special situation.

I mean – can you imagine not having to come downstairs until 11 am on a Saturday morning? The extra sleep you could get? The leisurely shower you could take? The coffee you could drink? (assuming you bring your coffee pot to your bedroom the night before.) The paper you could read?

And I guess it would be worth it to have S-E-X every Saturday morning if that helped your husband justify the cost.


What would you do with a Saturday morning S-E-X sitter?


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