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10 Things I Miss About Daycare

Ever since I started staying home with my kids, I’ve been trying to convince Even Steven that most stay-at-home moms send their kids to daycare.

So far he’s not believing me, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

As much as I love staying home with my kids, there are several things that I really miss about daycare!

#1 – Let’s get the obvious over with – professionally trained childcare providers were taking care of my children all day. They taught them things, so I didn’t have to.

#2 – And the next obvious reason – I didn’t have to take care of my kids 24/7. I had adult time five days a week. And – believe it or not – I really liked having entire conversations without someone throwing a tantrum or peeing on the dining room floor.

#3 – Professionals got my kids on a nap schedule for me. All I had to do was not mess it up too terribly on the weekends. I never understood how hard it was to get a kid on a decent nap schedule – until poor Simon came along, and it was all up to me. (That didn’t go so well, by the way.)

#4 – Someone else was responsible for feeding my kids two meals and two snacks five days per week. I didn’t have to worry about fruit and vegetable intake because it was their job to meet the nutritional needs of my kids.

And it meant that I wasn’t in the kitchen feeding kids for the majority of my day.

#5 – My kids didn’t watch television all day long. And I never felt guilty if they watched a show before bed.

Okay – I’ll be honest – I still don’t feel guilty if they watch a show (or several) before bed. But I thought it would make me sound like a better mom if I at least pretended to be concerned. Oh well, I tried…

#6 – Someone else fed my kids their baby food. Oh my gosh – what a pain!! I seriously barely fed Simon baby food at all because I couldn’t stand sitting in front of his high chair trying to shovel food into his mouth for what felt like hours a day. Perhaps this has something to do with his outright refusal of all vegetables right now.

#7 – Five days per week, I got to interact with other kids that were the same age as mine. This was always comforting to me – especially when I saw the other kids acting like terrorists and disobeying their parents.

#8 – The daycare teachers were a great source of information on how to handle certain ages and stages (and to assure me that my kids were normal). Except now I’m fairly certain that they were wrong, but that’s a post for another day.

#9– They basically potty-trained Miles. I can’t believe I had to do it myself with Alice, and I’m going to go with a child-taught method with Simon.

Either Miles and Alice can teach him or he can teach himself. But I refuse to have anything to do with it. See me in 2017 when I write a blog post complaining about Simon wearing diapers to kindergarten.

#10 – Did I mention that I used to have adult conversations?

And now I will share two pictures of my little cuties on their last day of daycare. Aren’t they so cute and sweet? It’s hard to believe that this was more than 2 years ago!

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  1. The Belly Dancer says:

    The kids are sooo cute. New follower from the sits girls forum.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The thing I am missing right now is sick days! So lovely being able to tell hubby to drop the kids off and pick them up, and crash for a day or two. Now I am sick and still have to to pick up for my 1/2 day kindergartner and then again for my older one, plus feed and entertain the 5 yo all afternoon…

  3. My son went to daycare (and now goes to school) and I totally relate to most of these!

    #4, though, was a problem for us: Our childcare only barely met the most minimal nutrition standards necessary for certification. A typical lunch might be corndogs, instant mashed potatoes, and canned pears. Many of the snacks were gross packaged muffins with trans fat and a ton of sugar and no fiber. So we packed substitute food for our son a lot of the time and made a real effort to feed him healthy food at home! You're really lucky to have found a center that fed kids good food.

    For #6: What I always did was either give Nicholas something he could feed to himself, or sit with him in my lap and feed him a bite while I was chewing. Easy! Save yourself some time and hassle, Mom!

    I loved #7 and #8. I still enjoy walking my first-grader to school and seeing his classmates and how they interact with their parents–and it's so cute to see them interact with each other, too.

    Anonymous: Who says you HAVE TO do everything when you are sick? Maybe your husband could take time off or you could hire a sitter or get a friend to help you with the kids, at least on the sickest days.

  4. I'd have to say I agree with much of this post. I was distraught about putting my son in daycare but really I now think it's good for him. He is on a great daily schedule but as you said, I gotta enforce it on the weekends. 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

    The number one thing I missed is going to the bathroom alone. I long for the days of peeing without an audience.

  6. I must admit daycare is working out much better than I thought it would for Chubs 🙂

  7. I used to work in child care before having my own and I am so glad I did. When you are there full-time, there is a lot less ‘professionalism’ and teaching than you might think. Caregivers mean well (most) and try hard (sometimes), but they are not as trained and educated in many situations as you might think-fault of the centers and their financial/time situations. They know basics of development, sort of. Children at home is a much better option when it can be chosen. Spend a full day in a daycare center before deciding it’s a good place for young children. I am so happy for your children that they get you and the best place to be while so young-home!

  8. Ha- Love the kiddos pic and that hair is adorable. You always crack me up!

  9. God I remember adult conversations and now just seems like such a foreign concept!! Seriously, so with you on this post and so glad it isn’t just me with the TV and the lack of baby food!! And your kids were so adorable in those pictures (truly reminded me of my own two).

  10. We never did daycare, but I can completely see the appeal. Especially at the toddler stage.-The Dose Girls

  11. I now work 1-2 days a week and blog so I can speak to adults too and go to the bathroom uninterrupted! Good luck with potty training girl!

  12. My kids had babysitters come to our house until they were 2, and then they moved to daycare twice a week while I went to work. We never got the full day, 5 day a week experience, so unfortunately I missed out on all the potty training and nap help. Now that I’m not working anymore, I feel the pain of not having some adult interaction to look forward to on a daily basis. Your mind can go crazy arguing with a 3 year-old about the pros and cons of My Little Pony day in and out.

  13. I think it depends on the place – my kids “daycare” requires the head teacher to have a Bachelor’s degree in Early childhood education – so the teachers are very well educated. The only downside is turn around as most teachers get a job here until their “real” job opens up!

    I must admit, I love working full time….and agree with all 10 of your things – ha!

  14. You are a wise woman, Anna. I have an idea! You should write a book! (gotta get my shots in where I can)

  15. I know of a stay at home mom who has two children and puts them in daycare full time. Kind of weird!

  16. I was a stay at home mom for 6 months and went insane, literally. I drove my boyfriend out of the house with my insanity most nights, which drove me even more insane. I give all the kudos in the world to stay at home moms because it’s not easy.

    Keep workin on Even Steven and maybe he’ll give in to the idea of daycare. Tell him things like “our kids will be socially awkward without it” or “being home with the kids all day makes me too tired to get in the mood” ..He’ll eventually give in.

  17. I love DayCare!

    Psst… somedays I hate the weekend because I have to do everything for both the kids and it’s my weekend too. I don’t wanna work at work and then work at home too!

    For the record, I love my kids.

  18. OMG they are adorable! Considering two day a week daycare for my two year old next year. The thought makes me shudder though. 🙁

  19. Seriously- I don’t know what I would do without seeing that pic of Even-Steven a few times a week. It’s one of my favorite things to do- his expression is priceless, as are your babies. As for the post…. so true.

  20. My mom has been doing home daycare for well over 20 years and I will most definitely be sharing this with her!! (And others as well!)
    What a sweet way to honor the hard work daycares put in to loving and teaching and ensuring safe and health at all times!

    I love this post! LOVE LOVE LOVE! 🙂

  21. #11 – SICK DAYS!

    I miss being able to call in sick to work, put the kids in daycare, and catch up on cleaning (or just take a freaking nap).

  22. I won’t tell you that there will be a time when you wish they were home with you because they are now at school all day. It would be a lie. A big fat, stinky lie. My kids are both in school full time (Kindergarten and 3rd) and I don’t wish they were home. Ever. I’m considering moving to the middle east where they go to school on Saturdays as well. But I will tell you this… it’s not forever. You will have adult conversations, someone else doing the teaching and kids waaaay worse behaved than yours which will make you feel like a kick ass mom and much less worried about them becoming the Unibomber. One day in the not too distant future it will be your reality again. Trust me.

  23. It’s not a lie for everybody, I actually do miss my kids sometimes when they are in school and enjoy when they have days off. Granted there are days when they’re home and drive me crazy, but I still miss them when they are gone.

    I have always stayed home with my kids but I know the other side of daycare as I worked in one in college. It completely depends on the daycare if you actually have trained professional or not. At the daycare I worked at the morning teachers were considered the more permanent teachers, they were full time and usually had a degree in some sort of child education(but not always). The afternoon teachers were part time and almost all of us were in college. About 1/2 were getting education degrees, but the other (myself included) were not.
    So the morning were very structured and the afternoons were free play. Since we usually got there during nap time and shortly after that parent pick up started which made it hard to do an activity when a child would have to leave it.

    I most envy parents that take their kids to daycare for sick days. There often times my husband can’t take off work and I have no other friends or family available to help.

  24. Wow, this is coming from a childcare provider. I understand missing daycare for the things that the educators taught your children and the socialization. But this sounds more to me like a Mom who doesn’t want to be a Mom. Seems like the main reason you miss daycare is because without it you’re being forced to actually care for your children. Imagine having children and having to feed and potty train them. Horrible! Seriously lady take care of your children. People like you are what’s wrong with our lazy society.

  25. ^^^^^ WOW Trudy!!! You must be very new to this blog!! It’s called humor…..geez.

  26. Trudy, perhaps you’re what’s wrong with society… She’s obviously joking. Try to relax, because you are clearly too stressed out.

  27. Serously, Trudy? Do you understand that this is a humor blog? No one who knows Anna doubts she loves her children. Get over yourself.

  28. Really great points, Trudy. I can tell by your comment that you have a magnificent sense of humor, and that you are adept at reading the tone of a piece. I do have to disagree with your last sentence, though. In my humble opinion, uptight, judgmental, stick-in-the-muds are what’s wrong with society.

  29. I have to agree with Trudy. I didn’t have kids so babysitters and daycares could raise them. I’ve worked in a daycare and it disgusted me that stay at home mind would leave their kids in childcare all day every day. Why did you even have them?? I HATE that I have to work. Sure, adult conversation is nice, but I value playtime and learning time with my kids a hell of a lot more. We are responsible for our children’s upbringing. If that’s jot important to you keep your damn legs closed.

  30. I personally don’t think there’s anything funny about shoving the responsibility of your children on other people. Having seen this happen more often than you may realize, its far from a joke.

  31. I guess I’m lazy and should never of had children either Anna 😉 Lazy for taking my little man out of daycare when I had my little girl, lazy for never having a break from them and when I do on the rare occasion feeling guilty for it! Poor society and us horrible lazy mothers. Keep rocking that “Vasshole”;)

  32. Again, people, this is a HUMOR blog, the point being that her points, while based in fact, are EXAGGERATED. I can’t believe that there is a mother out there who has not at some time been exhausted by playtime, bored by spooning baby food, or wearied by potty training. That does not mean she would give it up or that she “wants someone else to raise her kids.” I’m far more concerned by people on assistance who keep having kids, “raise” their own, and don’t take care of them!

  33. Wait, wait, wait…people DON’T have kids so they can “stick them in daycare!”? Speak for yourself, ladies with no sense of satire. On my top 10 reasons why I had children list, putting them in Daycare was my #1 reason with FREE CANDY ON HALLOWEEN as a distant 2nd.

  34. Both of my kiddos had very positive childcare experiences for the most part-both kids went to very good sitter/child care centers when I was working and thoroughly enjoyed their experiences as well as learned a ton. I do wish there were days that I could send my daughter just for a couple of hours so I can get something done around the house!

    I love your son’s hair-too cute! My boy’s hair gets that way when it gets longer. 😀

  35. Anchorgirl says:

    Trudy needs to take a Valium. I tried to stay at home with my girls after my second arrived. I couldn’t do it. Not because I didn’t love my kids, but because it was a NEVER ENDING, difficult job. So to call Anna lazy and what is wrong with society is ridiculous.

    I agree with Kayla…you keep rockin that vasshole, Anna!! 😀

  36. My first went to preschool 2 mornings a week starting at age 2 and I never once ever ever ever missed him during those measly 8 hours per week. The baby is now 1 and I’m diligently looking for a place to stow him a few hours a week. Every mom needs a break. Geesh!

  37. I’m a SAHM. My kids are 6, 5, and 3, and I fantasize about sending them to school/daycare. It’s a ridiculously hard job, and while yes there are people who really don’t take care of their kids and yes, it is quite sad and pathetic, but there are those of us who are taking care of our kids, and we need to laugh about it so we don’t go crazy.

  38. I would have loved to have been a stay at home mom but financially we just couldn’t do it. I always had babysitters. My kids are 12 and 14 now and they are fine. I think both working and stay at home moms have it hard sometimes. We do what we have to do! Moms need to support each other.

  39. LISH, there is a HUGE difference between people who “shove the responsibility of their children on other people” and those who, a) work to make their home happy & habitable, and might need a few hours (or more) to make all of that happen; and/or b) work outside of the home; and/or c) regardless of their employment, feel that daycare is a valuable experience for children, giving them the opportunity to socialize with children their own age, relate to adults outside the family unit, experience things that they may not be able to at home, and many others.

    Your assertion that babysitters and daycares are raising kids is asinine and juvenile. Children will ALWAYS look to their parents for guidance and stability. Consider that the captive audience in the car during a commute is a prime time for family discussion – it always has been for my boys and I. Fmaily dinners as well. The myriad opportunties to parent your children don’t just present themselves during “school” hours. On that note, do you consider school teachers to be “raising” your kids? Or are you homeschooling?

    Despite the fact that all 3 of my boys have been in daycare since they were 3 months old, I and my husband, nobody else on this earth, are responsible for our children. We place them in the care of qualified people whom we TRUST, for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, so we can provide a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and clothes on their bodies. That leaves, oh roughly 128 hours of the week IN MY CARE. I’m sorry, but let me reiterate that math for you: 1 week = 168 hours. Work schedule is 40 hours / week. Which means that there are 128 hours of family time left in the week. Evan allowing for 10 hours of sleep a night, that is still 58 hours of time (more than they are in daycare) for “quality” time with me and my kids.

    If you think for a hot minute that you spend every waking minute with your kids, you are DEAD WRONG. You never lock them out of the bathroom so you can poop in peace? Never turn on the boob-toob to mind them so you can accomplish something alone? Never shower alone? Never leave them playing to complete a task in the other room?

    Get the hell off your high horse and have some respect for yourself and all of the other hardworking mothers in the world. Whether a woman HAVE to work or CHOOSE to, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to tell ANY woman to keep her damn legs closed. That’s like giving the old men in Washington the right to tell us what to do with our bodies (i.e. birth control / abortion). Suck it Fancy.

  40. Love this funny blog post! You are hilarious and real and I love it!

  41. Krissylou says:

    @Kathryn -I’m confused… a “stay-at-home mom” that puts her kids in daycare full-time? Then she’s not a stay-at-home mom, she’s…unemployed. I’m new here, but I don’t get this post… If you don’t want to feed, potty-train, entertain your kids, why are you a stay-at-home mom? Don’t get me wrong – I understand not wanting to do that… but then why did you take them out of daycare and/or stay home with them??? Am I missing something??

  42. Finally, someone has had the courage to bring up how freakin’ boring it is to shovel baby food into a baby’s mouth. Amen! Add “not enjoying the small moments” to my tab.
    And I fully support the child-taught method of potty training. Worked for my second. Let’s get our lazy butts together and write a book about it. Sounds like Trudy is looking for parenting advice. 🙂 Ellen

  43. I agree with the gals here!!! You, Trudy, are what’s wrong!!! We all love our children to death or we would have given them up, but that doesn’t mean being a mom isn’t stressful and there are days when you wish for a break! Humour is what keeps us moms sane!!! I hope Anna never stops posting what we’ve all felt at one time or another!!!

  44. Well said, AMEN!!!

  45. Anna I think “Perfect Patty” may have found your blog.

  46. Seriously annoyed…. THANK YOU! WELL SAID! Bravo. Can we be friends?!
    (Also, I’m going to steal your closing line. LOVE IT!)

  47. RobinLuvsChocolate says:

    Oh Trudy, how we must pray for God to soften your heart. PS. I’d love the link to your blog on how to be a perfect albeit witless mother. I’ll be right on it.

  48. Anna you are awesome!! I look forward to reading your blog-it makes me laugh till I cry! You sure did stir up some angry mammas lol. Lighten up ladies its humor!

  49. I completely understand a SAHM putting their young children in daycare for a few hours a week. There are times when, despite feeling like Super Mom, you just can’t get everything done you need to get done to keep your household running smoothly. When I was pregnant with my daughter, even though I was not working during the summer and did not go back to work when the school year started, I kept him in his 3 day a week home day care. It gave me the rest I was supposed to get medically and gave him the socialization with younger children that I couldn’t give him due to medically prescribed reduced activity. (He also blossomed a lot in his interaction with younger children by my placing him in daycare. Prior to that, most of his play was with the adults in his life, so he rarely would play with kids his age.)
    Frankly, I found your post very amusing! Mine are now 19 and 16, and there are still days that I would give anything for privacy in the bathroom! lol

  50. That was funny and I think you’re right! LMAO 🙂

  51. Maryellen says:

    You are awesome!

  52. I love your comments Seriously Annoyed!!! You are right on:) I’m a sahm with 5 kiddos, and believe me, mamas HAVE to get a break or we will go insane, no matter how much we love our little sweetie pies! Lol! And Trudy, not every moms situation is black and white… You never know what a family( or mom) is going through, dealing with or paying for until you’ve walked a mile in her shoes!

  53. stephanie says:

    My kids are grown now, and I did some daycare, some stay at home mom, and some running a home day care, so I am staying out of all battles. But wanted to say that if you are going to subtract time from the 24-7 mom for time she sends away from her kids showering, pooping and folding laundry, you need to subtract that from your numbers, unless you wait ’til monday morning for all the above. 🙂

  54. I gotta admit, the free candy at Halloween seriously rocks. My brilliant parenting moment was convincing the first that the candy, OF COURSE, goes in a big communal bowl on the dining room table. Now that there are 2 kids, ALL candy goes there. They’ve never known anything different.

    Sure, I know they sneak a piece every time they walk through that room. But ya know what? I have free access after they go to bed. No searching for their hiding places like my mom had to do.

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