10 Things Moms Aren’t Allowed to Complain About

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I’m not one to complain.

I’m one to smile.

And shrug my shoulders.

And move on.

But every now and then I hear myself grumbling about something that really shouldn’t be complained about.

In fact, just last week I was complaining to my mom and she said,

“You know, Anna… you really can’t say this out loud to anyone else. Okay? Seriously. Promise me you won’t blog about this.”

So I immediately sat down at my computer and started writing.

And then I realized that she was right. (Thanks, Mom!) and instead I compiled a list of things that moms are NOT allowed to complain about. I will admit that some of these have actually come out of my mouth.

Some I’ve overheard (I can tell you right now that #5 has never crossed my lips!)

All of them are off limits.

1. My FIVE year old is giving up his naps.

2. The clothes at Ann Taylor Loft and the Gap are too big. I can’t even shop there anymore.

3. My mother-in-law is watching the kids AGAIN tonight, which is so nice of her, but sometimes we just want to stay home. I mean – uggg – what are my husband and I going to do tonight?

4. My kids are at school all day long. I miss them.

5. Sometimes I’m lonely in the bathroom.

6. Anything that starts with, “When my husband does the laundry…”

Or “When my husband was cleaning the bathroom yesterday,…”

Or “My husband always forgets my XYZ when he’s doing the grocery shopping”

7. I might have to stop breastfeeding – I’ve lost way too much weight.

8. You know how sometimes you get too much sleep, and then you feel off for the rest of the day?

9. My husband is such a grump because the baby had him up so many times last night.

10. Help me out – What would you add?


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