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Two Things that will Change Your Life

I’m just going to put this out here, because I believe so strongly about this.

If every single person would do these two things EVERY SINGLE DAY – I think the world would be a better place.

I think we’d all be happier.

I think the sun would shine a little brighter.

I think we’d all be friendlier.

I think we’d all have a little more humor in our lives.

I think we’d all be more productive.

I think we’d all be better.

What are they?

Exercise and Shower.

Every single day.

Crazy, right? But I think it could be magical.

And while I don’t actually do both of these things every day – I think it would make a huge difference if I did.

Who’s with me?

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  1. I am so with you on the shower, but the exercise you may need to twist my arm ever so slightly, lol!!

  2. Every day? Really? Not just like once or twice a week? 😉 Seriously, though, you are right…I will add that to my 2013 goal sheet!

  3. Pppssshhhaaa. Dreamer. You must live in some fantasy world. Why don;t we just add, “eat three meals a day and brush our teeth” to this list of craziness while we are at it. Ha. So true though. Wish I could do both every day.

  4. You are a genius! Seriously. Those two things make me feel so much better, so why don’t I do them? Because the lost component is sleep. I don’t get enough sleep, so I’m too tired to exercise or shower. Sigh . . .someday.

  5. I know – crazy, right? That showering thing gets me every time…

  6. bwahahaha – brush our teeth? Not a chance!

  7. SLEEP! Uggg – so true… I’m going to get on Craigslist and see if I can pay someone to sleep for me. That would help, right?

  8. Take a big poop. That always makes me feel better ( =

  9. Definitely with you on the shower. It is seriously like my morning coffee. Until I shower, I am a grump!! I’m still trying to find motivation for that exercise one though… 😉

  10. I’m with the shower thing for sure! Have you ever been to walmart and have to go to another aisle because someone smelled so bad. I try not to be conspicuous, but come on people, use a little soap and water.

  11. hmmm…are you magically changing the length of a day to 28 hours? Do you have some deal with the sun and the moon because finding time (or energy) to exercise requires too much energy! 😉

  12. You know, Anna, not only do you have THE best blog on the entire Internet…yes, then entire Internet….but you have the best commenters too! You always crack me up and then I read the comments and laugh all over again! 🙂 Oh and we may as well add “getting dressed to take your kids to school” to this fantasy dreamland list while we’re at it! 🙂

  13. I will totally sleep for you!!! Forget the pay me part just let me sleep and I will share the results with you 50/50!!!!

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