5 {More} Ways to be a Great Friend

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Not too long ago, I shared five ways to be a great friend.

Since then, I’ve thought of a few things I can do to become an even BETTER friend.

#1 – Forget your Kid Somewhere

This pretty much guarantees that no matter which one of your friends is having a bad day – they’re still a better mother than you!

Bonus points if you forget your kid for more than half an hour.

(And CC –  I know you probably think I’m referencing the time you left your youngest child on a dock while you took off on your houseboat and didn’t notice he was missing until hours later when another boat pulled up beside you with your crying child. I think you’re a great friend – but not because of this. I swear!)

#2 – Update your Facebook Status Wisely

A good friend doesn’t post things on Facebook like, “Sally LOVES to help pick up her toys.” or “The baby is 2 weeks old, and I’m already back in my regular clothes.”

No. A good friend posts things like,

Man – this lice just won’t go away.


Bedbugs suck!


How did I manage to gain 15 pounds this week?

Be a good friend – think before you Facebook.

#3 – Stop Cleaning Your Minivan

Minivans were made for smashed goldfish crackers, spilled milk, stinky socks – and maybe a little vomit. Stop cleaning yours – and you’ll make the rest of your friends feel normal.

Bonus: This also helps to ward off any minivan jealousy from your friends that haven’t gotten theirs yet.

#4 – Leave Some Floaters

Next time company is coming over, leave a few floaters in the guest bathroom.

Nothing makes people feel like they’re a better all-around person than you than finding a few floaters in your potty.

#5 – Wear your Pajamas Everywhere

No matter what I’m wearing, I feel amazing when I see another mother wearing Sponge Bob pajama pants while she’s dropping her child off at preschool.

Seriously. You want to be a great friend? Rock the PJs in public!

Any other ideas on how to be a great friend?


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