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I forgot to feed my son breakfast

I will be the first to admit that our mornings are a little hectic around here.

Somehow, back in the days of me working full-time, I managed to get myself up and dressed, get two toddlers up and dressed – and we would all be buckled into the car and heading for daycare and work no later than 7 am every single morning.

Pretty sure I even managed to shower on those mornings.

I no longer work outside of the home, and I have one kid to get on the bus and another kid to drop off at preschool and another one who is an all-star at making messes – but I don’t have to shower or look decent or do much of anything in the mornings really. Yet things are more chaotic now than ever.

Someone always wants to start a “project” before 7 am.

“I’m just going to need some string, an empty egg carton, a toilet paper holder and some scissors. Okay, mom? Can you get that for me? RIGHT NOW?”

And someone always needs socks.

Or pants.

Or help getting the toothpaste opened.

And at least one morning every week I have a fairly important conversation with one of my kids. Last week’s conversation went something like this:

Miles (age 6): Mom – do we have the same skin?

Me: Yup. We sure do.

Miles: But – just the same color, right? Not the same texture.

Me: We have the same skin, buddy.

Miles: But – my forehead feels really smooth. And your forehead (feels my forehead) is really bumpy.


Miles: And it has all those lines on it.







It’s just really hard to count them all because they’re so close together.


Miles: It’s a lot like the rings of a tree. You know how when you cut a tree down, you can count the rings to see how old the tree is? It’s like that with the lines on your forehead.

Yes – conversations like that take up a large part of my mornings.

But somehow, despite all of the crazy and the chaos, we have yet to miss the bus. Score!

I have yet to drop my daughter off at preschool more than 15 minutes late. Okay, 20…

And the 3 year old gets out of his pajamas and dressed at least twice a week. Double score!

In fact, I’m not going to lie. I was starting to feel a little cocky last week. I was pretty much feeling like I had this mom thing totally figured out.

Did I have wrinkles on my forehead resembling a dead tree’s rings? Yes.

Did my 3-year-old ask me why he had to wear his pajamas all day? Possibly.

But were my kids fed, happy and healthy? Yes.

Boom – I was winning.

And then my kindergartner got off the bus last week and said,

“Mom – you forgot to feed me breakfast this morning.”


That was the sound of my Mother of the Year award shattering into a million pieces on our driveway.

Me: What? I didn’t feed you breakfast?

Him: Nope. You forgot.

Me: Did dad feed you breakfast?

Him: No. He said you would.

Me: Did you ask me for breakfast?

Him: No – but I thought you were making it for me, but then you ate it yourself.

Which I did recall eating a bowl of cereal much earlier in the morning than usual…

So – yes – I’m the mom that sent her sweet little kindergartner to school without breakfast.

That would be me.

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  1. Hahahah…..I love this blog. Made me laugh so hard! I felt like you were sitting in my living room and watching a morning in my house. Right down to the Eggo bit. THANK GOD FOR.EGGOS! My kids would starve to.death without them. 🙂

  2. Ugh, mornings. I have been doing them with children for over 15 YEARS and they have not gotten easier. Mornings find me masquerading as a deranged cuckoo clock randomly shouting the time to little people who don’t give a rats’ behind about the time. Today was a particularly bad morning, as I also had to start a crock and prep for out of town guests this evening. I got to work a little frazzled and with a nasty cut from chopping onions, and makeup halfway down my face from cutting said onions. But. Kids are at school, dinner is made, the house will be clean, and I am settling into a hot cuppa joe. (Sigh. And thanks for the smile and venue for venting. 🙂

  3. Are you SURE you didn’t feed him breakfast? My oldest would tell her dad and grandma that she didn’t eat breakfast, or lunch… And of course they believed the adorable little starving girl, until one day we were driving home from the wonderful buffet where she’d put away plates of yummy food and she asked when we were going to eat lunch. At seventeen, she’ll still mange to forget that I made her scrambled eggs at breakfast and a turkey sandwich for lunch.

  4. That had me laughing out loud! I have done the exact same thing with my four-year-old. I tout being a C+ Mom and work hard to ride the curve of motherhood. Oh, and I love Eggos. 🙂

  5. Fortunately for me most mornings my husband gets my kids ready and out the door because I have and early start to my work day. At least that is what I’ve told my husband….
    …it’s working out so far!

  6. I feel like the forgotten breakfast is just one of those mom rite-of-passages, or maybe I’m just telling myself that.

  7. Bethany Bauer says:

    I think I’ve sent Matthew off to kindergarten without breakfast three or four times this year. The other day, we had 10 minutes to get him out the door. I sent him off to the bus stop with a PB&J sandwich which he took three bites of before the bus arrived and he shoved it at my neighbor (the one with the severely peanut allergic son) in a panic.
    I coached him when he got home on what we would do NEXT time he had to take his breakfast with him. I’m confident we will have a next time.

  8. Anna dear, you always crack me up but the part about Miles telling you that you made him breakfast but then you ate it — that was really good.

  9. Ironic, but you make me feel not a very bad mom. I do things and I think I must be the only one who forgets (or sometimes even pretends to forget) to feed breakfast. So thank you! I am looking forward for every post of yours. Makes my day every time!

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