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Five Reasons Why I Hate Socks

The sock situation in our house is out of control. It’s making me crazy. Here’s why…

My kids will not keep them on their feet

Which means that every time we need to leave the house, I’m hunting for socks.

Because when they take them off, they can’t just leave them on the floor or tuck them into their shoes – they throw them down the laundry chute, or into the toilet, or get them wet and wipe down the table/windows/Simon. Each child goes through at least two pairs of socks per day.

My daughter refuses to wear footy pajamas

But every single night she cries because, “My little tootsies are cold.” So we put socks on her, which she somehow manages to lose during the night. Seriously – every morning she only has one sock. I accused her of eating socks in the middle of the night, but she says Big Minnie is the guilty one.

My youngest thinks it’s a fun game to yank his socks off at all times

I have socks in my purse, in my car, scattered throughout various stores and restaurants, in the bottom of my stroller and under my couch. His socks haven’t come close to matching in over a month. (Not that he cares.)

We have three grocery bags full of mismatched socks

There are no matches for them. But I save them because I know that their mates are around here somewhere. Sometimes, when we’re in a huge hurry to get my oldest to preschool, I grab any two socks out of our bags and yank them on his feet. Last week, he wore one of my pink socks and one of his dad’s black socks to school. They stretched up to his knees.

I’m sure there was judgement from teachers and other parents.

Big Hairy Dog Refuses to Help

I bought my daughter a pair of fuzzy-lined boots so that she wouldn’t have to wear socks all winter. But then she stepped in dog poop, and I can’t bring myself to clean them. I’ve tried several times – but I keep gagging, and so they’re sitting on the back patio.

I tried to get Big Hairy Dog to eat the poop off – but apparently he only likes to eat HIS poop – not random neighborhood dog poop. Good to know.

Today I found a sock in the fridge

How does this happen?

My husband says my life must be pretty great if my biggest worry is socks.

I told him to PUT A SOCK IN IT (and then I put all of his socks down the garbage disposal.)

Even Steven

What’s the sock situation like at your house?

Five Laundry Hacks to Help You Keep Track of Socks

Do you feel like you lose at least one sock every time you do laundry? These simple hacks and tips will help you to NEVER lose a sock again. Keep track of kid and adult socks every time you do the wash. #laundry #socks #hacks

In all seriousness, if you have a sock situation as serious as mine, here are a few tips I might be incorporating at our house to try to get this sock mess under control.

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  1. We have the same problem!! Solution: unless we are going somewhere special, the kids don’t wear socks, lol.

  2. and now my 9 and 11 year old think they have to wear mine. which is actually nice because no more having mismatch socks

  3. Anna, I have been waiting for you to blog about this! I despise socks in my house as well. My children cannot keep them on their feet, they are ALL over the place! My dislike for socks is to the point of being paralyzed. I avoid folding laundry because I know there are little tiny socks hidden in the baskets waiting to laugh in my face because I cannot find their mate. So not only do I have a sock problem i also have a laundry problem. Arggh!

  4. There’s only the two of us and I have banned black socks. It’s so much easier to keep them in pairs when they’re all bright and stripey/spotty.

    My younger sister has a sock drawer that all of her socks go into. She pulls two out in the morning and that’s what she wears. I’ve only seen her in a matching pair maybe once in 6 years.

    As for keeping them on your kids have you tried elastic on each sock threaded through their trousers? Like you would do with a pair of mittens through a winter coat? At least then if they take the sock off they’re still hanging around their ankles 😀

  5. our sock situation? nightmare! we’ve got a laundry basket, one of those that you carry on your hip, full of them. i get all the time…Fadder! I need socks. I always say…go hit the basket. Ugh…socks!?!?!?

  6. We have 67 odd socks in our house (I counted them for you!) I have a dedicated ‘single sock’ drawer where I keep odd socks waiting to be matched up. It’s baffling how it happens.

  7. Ninja Mom says:

    You are singing my song, sister. No matter how many socks I ball up, we NEVER have any when it’s time to go out of the house. The kids have worn my socks, the boy has worn his sister’s socks, the hubs has worn ace bandages for socks (no, not really).

    And the kids shed them like their feet are a new breed of hyper-molting snake.

    Dirty plus clean plus both white = match! Both princess themed but not the *same* princess = match.

    Booyah! Sock dilemma solved. Except that I probably don’t have any either.

  8. Hubby solved the problem by buying a dozen pairs alike for everyone! Now we never know if one is missing or not — they are we just don’t know it! When the drawer gets down to four or five socks, it is time to go buy more. 🙂 I would love it if you would come link up with Busy Monday (open Monday through Thursdays) at A Pinch of Joy, a linky party for ideas that make life better, easier and more fun!

  9. Socks are EVIL! They ARE, Anna! They have mean, spiteful little personalities and they hide, refuse to pair up with their designated partners, and make us CRAZY! I ban them. Yes. I really DO! I NEVER wear the hateful things – do not even OWN any. (Of course, we never really own socks anyway. THEY own US.) But my housemate wears socks. THe NERVE of him, right? And those evil suckers disappear constantly, only to turn up when we have elegant, CHILDLESS company who do NOT find it amusing that their dessert bowl is adorned with a smelly black SOCK. When I am Queen, besides banning bras and shoes which I WILL allow people to wear if they are stupid … uh … so inclined, I intend to OUTLAW socks. BWAHAHAHAHA! Take THAT, you miserable little items of aggravation!

  10. Put a sock in it…lol. Same problem here! Although, I recently chucked my grocery bags full of socks…I am glad summer is coming soon…

  11. Oh socks have to be one of the main sources of constant irritation here. My husband buys socks in bulk of the same kind so his sock are easy to match at least, but I too have a large laundry basket of odd socks. Some of them have been in there for so long they no longer fit anyone. But some of them were only ever worn once or twice! Hard times.

    Does anyone else have a seven year old son that can spend ten minutes putting on a pair of socks. Seriously, it’s a big part of his morning routine. He cannot hack that line along the toe being even slightly askew. His quick fix is just sleep with his socks on and wear the same socks as long as I’ll possibly let him! He said bitterly one day when he was a bit younger “When I get big, I’m gonna make lots of square toe socks and send them to the sock factory and see how they like them!”

  12. How awesome is it to find this post today of all days!!!! Oh…today is laundry day! My family has not one, not two, but three huge tubs yes tubs of socks…most not matched. Yes there are 7 of us, but we don’t need THAT many (and the baby has more than 30 pair and in her 10 mths of life has worn socks maybe 7 times). So today, my daughter (8 yrs) has the day off of school and we are pitching almost all of our socks. I am NOT saving socks to “find the match” or “so and so will grow into them”. If they don’t fit, don’t have a match, feel funny on the feet, or I just don’t want to match them today…they go in the trash! Thanks Ladies, I thought I was the only one with this problem.

  13. Im so over socks!!! Hubby bought one of those 10 packs a few months ago – and they are basically all the same colour – well to me they are but apparently they are subtly different! Now he matches his own socks!!!!!!

    And also – quick question….. Where do those socks go? Anyone???? Iv just tossed a whole bag of single socks – still no partner in sight!
    Awesome post Anna… just in time for our cooler weather … sigh I hate winter …

    xx Nat

  14. Today I found Little Man’s socks in my purse. Yesterday there was a pair in our bill desk drawer…with snot and lint stuck to them. I’m not looking forward to the days when Little Man is a teenager and I have to wash his socks…thinking American Pie here. *Shutter*

  15. I solved my family’s sock situation a long time ago…
    1. Each person gets one color and design of sock. That way all size XYZ socks match. No mismatched socks. ..ever.
    2. To keep them clean- I have found that hardwood floors keep socks cleaner than carpet. Tis seems counter intuitive but since I have had hardwood from the time my first was born 13 years ago I have had plenty of time to study this phenom and it is true. When we visit a carpeted home the socks get gross. This is true even at my mother’s house which is the cleanest any carpet can be- she lives alone, carpet is 6 years old, and no pets have ever walked on it.
    3. To get any white sock clean- Begin filling your washing machine with HOT water. You will use the usual amount of laundry detergent but also add 4-5 scoops of Oxyclean Powder for a small load. You can also spray a pretreatment on any particularly bad socks…. or undies (TMI?). Dump the dirty clothes in and let the water continue to fill the tub until it is finished. Right before it starts the first cycle stop the machine. I like to put the lid down to keep the heat in but that sometimes leads me to forget what I am doing. Let it all soak until the water is cool or overnight. After the water cools, Simply restart the machine where it is at and let it finish- Voila…clean socks.

    This 5 scoops of Oxyclean/hot water/pretreatment also works on most stains even if they have already gone through the dryer. I have even removed post-dryer grape juice.

  16. I have sock issues. I dont’ like it when people’s socks are not lined up properly on their feet. I worry that they are uncomfortable. I dont’ like people’s socks that get dirty and then stay grayish white. And I most especially don’t like it when my socks get wet in any way while they are on my feet. I actually threw away socks tonight because I got them wet in public, long story, and could not bring them home because I am traveling and I will not carry filthy, wet socks all over Paris.

  17. ha! Come to my house any day of the week and my daughter will most likely be in mismatched socks. It’s unbelievable how many they lose.

    Where oh where did you get that big minnie?? My daughter LOVES Mickey and Minnie! I gotta have it! : )

    Ok. I’m off to check the fridge…

  18. My sock situation is very similar to yours. Except the teenage girl — she quietly deals with her own socks. As soon as the weather gets even close to warm enough, I try to get the boys to switch to sandals so I don’t have to deal with as many socks for a couple of months.

    The Dollar Tree sells very cheap kids socks — in three packs. They’re some kind of icky synthetic stuff, but they work well as an emergency sock stash. And if they’re only going to get worn a couple of times…

  19. Look at these comments! Girl you hit a nerve! I’m sorry to say, I don’t have a problem. There’s just me and my grown daughter and we mostly wear knee-hi nylons which don’t have to match since they are all the same color. I think the ‘all the same color’ is the answer to this problem. But it’s SO much funnier this way!

    At least for me!

  20. The sock situation is about the same at my house. But judging preschool teachers and parents be damned! I do not care! And the preschooler rather likes mis-matched socks, as do her older sisters. I bought a giant bag of plain white socks that fit the 7 & 8 year old. Still, I can never find two of them in the mornings!! The oldest keeps asking to go sock shopping. I keep telling her no way! You will only lose them! Where in the world do they go?!

  21. This post really hit my funny bone. I also have sock problems very similar to yours. A couple of days ago I decided to wash my 9 year old daughters winter coat. As I was cleaning out the pockets, I discovered (among other things) 5 socks, only 2 of which matched. I was trying to figure out why she had so many socks in her pocket when my 13 year old daughter told me that she takes them off because she hates to wear them. Apparently she even stashes them in the neighbors cinder block wall on the way to school.

  22. So true! There is no way to keep up with socks when you have 3 kids. It’s impossible! I cleaned out my van today and found 7 socks. And only two of them matched. Not to mention 3 shoes that were all from different pairs and different kids. Are you kidding me people? How do I not notice how often my children are walking into the house barefoot?

  23. Great post! I would love for you to stop by and link up at my linky party via: ourdelightfulhome.blogspot.com

    Mrs. Delightful

  24. I have always said that socks should be disposable. That is simply all there is to it.

    We live in Florida so thankfully my daughters wear flops constantly. However they aren’t allowed to wear them in school. My oldest daughter loves to wear mismatched socks. Which is awesome.

    I even went so far once as to put our initial on each sock with a permanent marker. Yeah – now I just have a basket of mateless socks with letters on them. And we all know that those stupid socks are reproducing in there. Only when they do they create yet another sock that doesn’t match.

    I think I will start stuffing the cushions in my couch with them…

  25. Joy LaVon says:

    why do socks have to match?

  26. Oh yeah we have sock issues. And it’s not just the kids. . . hubby’s end up in between the couch cushions, under the coffee table, on the kitchen counters, under his pillow and used as a dog toy when the fuzzy child finds them.

    But my biggest issue is clothes . . . my boys do not like to wear there clothes in the house. The second they are home . . . off comes the clothes. Is it a boy thing????

  27. I line-dry all the laundry, so I have a Rogues’ Gallery section of the clothesline where I hang single socks until their mate comes along. Some of them have been there for years.

    Recently somebody suggested to me this gratitude exercise: When you are grumpy about doing laundry, imagine that you had a house fire and this one load of laundry is your only remaining clothing–look how much you have! I made a mental list and did feel grateful–except that my “wardrobe” contained 10 pairs of socks and 17 individual socks!

    Someday my son’s teacher will ask for donations so the class can make sock puppets, and I will be prepared!!

  28. Once, while interviewing a top university administrator, I reached for a pen and pulled a pink toddler sock out of my coat pocket. My first thought, after “how embarrassing,” was “There it is!” God knows how long it had been lost.

  29. I HAVE great hope for you. Visit our blog for various single-sock craft ideas! Like making a phone cozy… or a wine bottle vase cozy, or a twisted bracelet… do not despair, but be sure to always buy cute socks… 🙂

    The comment love- widget can’t seem to find my latest article, but it is a link party (with perhaps too many images): http://www.finecraftguild.com/party/ We’d love to have you join in…

  30. Hi, it’s me again! I was looking through Tip Junkie (I’m way behind) and found this! Smiled when I saw it cuz I knew it was you! But I thought of another idea while I was rereading it! How about just painting your kids feet???!!!! Problem solved?

  31. My kids (now 16-25) have no problem even now going out in public with mismatched socks. I trained them that way. If you can’t beat join ’em.

    Funny post and adorable pictures.

  32. best most inexpensive costume:i took all those odd socks and carefully pinned them all over a hoodie jogging suit,hood too. u can even make a little bandit mask out of a sock. if u are really creative. tadah! u r the sock bandit. i did this one year it was a big hit! i just totally gave up matching them myself. so now i dont have some odd socks, i have ALL odd socks

  33. So as a person with a huge fondness for socks (my tootsies are always cold!), I can totally relate to this post as a parent. My youngest son is usually found with only one sock on. He tells us only one of his feet gets hot. My oldest son was younger and would wake up with both socks off or just one so we coined the term “sock monster”. The sock monster is the guy who steals socks from sleeping children in the middle of the night. For some reason that isn’t creepy, but sort of fun. The sock monster still visits my 14 year old! I’m sure there is something crafty you can make with spare socks. Maybe a small sock doll?

  34. this is totally what we do at our houses too!

  35. My daughter likes to pull her socks off and leave them on the couch, stuff them between the cushions, leave them in the car, etc, etc. But, at the age of 14, she is plenty old enough to know better!

  36. A few years ago, I decided to buy my kids the exact same socks… So if I’m missing one I won’t even care because there are a 1000 others lying around everywhere in the house that all match the one I’m missing … See Booo ya damn socks!!! In your face!!! (they’re not all the same size but who cares??? They match!!! Mwah ha ha!!)

  37. Catherine says:

    I wash all my kid socks in a mesh lingerie bag so that what goes in comes out. That of course doesn’t help with the odd sock in the toy box, my purse, or the fridge but it has really helped me keep them paired up. I also read somewhere that each family member should get a large lingerie bag and a hamper and they should put their socks in the bag and then they have to match and fold them themselves when they come out. Seems reasonable to me.

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