Five Reasons Why I Hate Socks

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The sock situation in our house is out of control. It’s making me crazy. Here’s why…

My kids will not keep them on their feet

Which means that every time we need to leave the house, I’m hunting for socks.

Because when they take them off, they can’t just leave them on the floor or tuck them into their shoes – they throw them down the laundry chute, or into the toilet, or get them wet and wipe down the table/windows/Simon. Each child goes through at least two pairs of socks per day.

My daughter refuses to wear footy pajamas

But every single night she cries because, “My little tootsies are cold.” So we put socks on her, which she somehow manages to lose during the night. Seriously – every morning she only has one sock. I accused her of eating socks in the middle of the night, but she says Big Minnie is the guilty one.

My youngest thinks it’s a fun game to yank his socks off at all times

I have socks in my purse, in my car, scattered throughout various stores and restaurants, in the bottom of my stroller and under my couch. His socks haven’t come close to matching in over a month. (Not that he cares.)

We have three grocery bags full of mismatched socks

There are no matches for them. But I save them because I know that their mates are around here somewhere. Sometimes, when we’re in a huge hurry to get my oldest to preschool, I grab any two socks out of our bags and yank them on his feet. Last week, he wore one of my pink socks and one of his dad’s black socks to school. They stretched up to his knees.

I’m sure there was judgement from teachers and other parents.

Big Hairy Dog Refuses to Help

I bought my daughter a pair of fuzzy-lined boots so that she wouldn’t have to wear socks all winter. But then she stepped in dog poop, and I can’t bring myself to clean them. I’ve tried several times – but I keep gagging, and so they’re sitting on the back patio.

I tried to get Big Hairy Dog to eat the poop off – but apparently he only likes to eat HIS poop – not random neighborhood dog poop. Good to know.

Today I found a sock in the fridge

How does this happen?

My husband says my life must be pretty great if my biggest worry is socks.

I told him to PUT A SOCK IN IT (and then I put all of his socks down the garbage disposal.)

Even Steven

What’s the sock situation like at your house?

Five Laundry Hacks to Help You Keep Track of Socks

Do you feel like you lose at least one sock every time you do laundry? These simple hacks and tips will help you to NEVER lose a sock again. Keep track of kid and adult socks every time you do the wash. #laundry #socks #hacks

In all seriousness, if you have a sock situation as serious as mine, here are a few tips I might be incorporating at our house to try to get this sock mess under control.


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