How to be Ready for Company in 20 Minutes or Less

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I try to invite people over every couple of weeks – mainly because it forces me to clean my house. But lately, even the promise of company coming hasn’t done much to motivate me in the cleaning department.

Luckily, I have a strategy that gets my house and me ready for company in 20 minutes or less!

be ready for company in 20 minutes or less

20 min: Get dressed. Don’t worry about stains – we’ll cover that later.

17 min: Close every single door in your house that you can. This will keep your company out of your bedrooms and hopefully your den or office – and your basement.

15 min: Light a scented candle.

14 min: Give your kids a trash bag, and send them on a scavenger hunt for dirty diapers.

13 min: Stick a plunger in your guest bathroom toilet. Hang a sign on the door that says “Out of Order.”

10 min: Grab an empty laundry basket, and put all of your dirty dishes and countertop clutter in it. Put the laundry basket in your minivan.

7 min: Tape a DONATE sign to a large box. Toss a few toys into it, and leave it in the middle of your toy room (aka your family room).

4 min: Plug in your vacuum, and leave it sitting out near the front door.

3 min: Take a bite of broccoli. Chew it up and spit it out (trust me on this one).

2 min: Use baby wipes to wash your armpits and your face (not in that order).

1 min: Spray Pledge near the front door

30 seconds: Get yourself a cup of coffee or dark soda. Don’t drink it.

They Arrive

Opening the Door: As you’re opening the door, “spill” the cup of coffee all over your shirt. That solves any potential stain problems you might have going on.

Make a big deal of spilling coffee all over your “clean” shirt.

Welcome your guests into your home by saying the following:

Come on in! Welcome, Welcome!

Don’t mind the cleaning stuff – it’s my day of the week to do some deep cleaning.

What’s that? I have broccoli in my teeth? Oh gosh – so embarrassing -I’ve been on such a veggie kick lately. I just can’t stop eating my veggies!!

Come on back – the kids are in the toy room picking out toys to give to needy children. They do this at least once a month – so sweet.

Like I said – ready for company in 20 minutes or less!

What would you add to this list?