Chores for Kids

In an effort to restore some normalcy to the house, our family started a sticker system a couple weeks ago. You can read about that here. But it got me thinking:

what are other families doing to keep children engaged in helping out around the house, and motivated to do so?

So we’ve searched the internet and found a lot of great ideas. From chores for kids by age to sticker chart ideas and systems – we think you’ll find some great ideas here!

chores for kids


1. First, let’s start with the basics. You may be wondering, “Is it too much to expect my four-year-old to have dinner on the table around 6:00?” This chart should answer that question for you. It will not only tell you the answer is a resounding NO; it will also provide age-appropriate ideas, for ages 2 and up.

2. For another take on the same idea, here are some more age-appropriate ideas.

3. This is a great chore chart for toddlers who don’t yet know how to read. They simply have to place a stickers under the photos of the chores they completed.

4. These magnets follow the same idea: give each child a section of the fridge, then place these picture magnets in each child’s section. They don’t have to read to know what their responsibilities are!

5. Alternatively, if they can already read, maybe something like this could work.

6. Here is a daily chore list for kids who can read.

7. If you’d like to organize by days of the week, this pocket chart will let kids see their daily assignments.

8. Maybe you’d like to use these printable chore cards to display chores, regardless of what method you’re using.

9. If you don’t want a huge chore chart in a central location in your home, hanging signs from bedroom doors works well. Each child can move “completed chore” clothespins from one side of the sign to the other as the day progresses.

10. Do you have a list of weekly chores that doesn’t change? Try this trick, which involves jars and popsicle sticks.

11. For those who need to take a stand against clutter around the house, this tip might work.

12. The “uh-oh” jar might need to make an appearance at my house…

13. Here is a decorative, creative take on personalized chore charts.

Your turn: how does your family keep track of chores? What (if any) reward systems do you have for chore completion?

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