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26 Games Kids Can Play With Alexa

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Whether you’re sheltering in place, trying to work from home, or just need some ideas for how to keep your kids occupied without your intervention, you’ve come to the right place. These games will keep your kids busy with the help of Alexa, while you do what you need to do.

26 Games for Kids to Play with Alexa

If you have an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, there are countless skills, hacks and commands that will make your life easier. My favorite use for the Amazon Alexa is for kids! When I asked my kids to share their favorite fun games to play with Alexa, they narrowed them down to a whopping 26. HA!

If you have an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, there are countless skills, hacks and commands that will make your life easier. My favorite use for the Amazon Alexa is for kids! When I asked my kids to share their favorite fun games to play with Alexa, they narrowed them down to a whopping 26. HA! directenergy ad #echo #dot #amazonalexa #alexa #gamesforkids #parenting #tweens #kids #games #fun

Twenty Questions

“Alexa, play Twenty Questions.”

This game is just as you remember. Your kids think of a person, place or thing, and Alexa will ask them 20 questions until she either guesses correctly or runs out of questions to ask. It’s amazing how often she’s correct!

Magic Door

“Alexa, open the Magic Door.”

This is another choose-your-own-adventure game, and my daughter loves it. She makes the decisions on where to explore next in this magical land with magical creatures. There are riddles to solve, hidden items to find and a whole lot of creativity and imagination.

Crystal Ball

“Alexa, open Crystal Ball.”

Who needs a Magic 8 Ball when you have Alexa? Just ask her a yes or no question, and she’ll give you her best prediction. The kids love asking questions about each other like, “Will Simon always smell bad?” (YES!) and “Will mom ever let us eat candy for dinner?” (NO!)


“Alexa, Fart.”

I am sorry for even introducing this “skill” to you, but it is so funny. Nothing cuts the tension in the room like a giant fart from Alexa. Or, as my oldest has figured out, if you do happen to cut the cheese, you can quickly have Alexa fart and then blame the smell on her.

Would you Rather

“Alexa, play Would You Rather.”

The kids LOVE playing Would You Rather, but I am usually stumped for material after about the tenth round. Luckily, Alexa never runs out of scenarios. And she even tells you if the majority of people answered the same as you or not. We usually play a few rounds while we set the table before dinner, which then gives us lots to talk about while we eat.

Head’s Up

“Alexa, open Heads Up.”

We have the board game version of Head’s Up, and it’s a favorite for all of us. The Alexa version is a little trickier for the kids, but with my help, it’s just as much fun. There are a few “packs” that you can purchase to have a larger variety, but we’ve had a lot of fun with just the free version.

Days until…

“Alexa, how many days until…”

Once the kids figured this out, they’ve been asking her these questions on a daily basis. How many days until Christmas, my birthday, school starts, until my mom turns 65, etc. I have to remind the kids to be specific (they have to give their actual birth date, for example), but beyond that it’s amazing the questions they’ve been coming up with.

Panda Rescue

“Alexa, open Panda Rescue.”

My youngest is OBSESSED with pandas, and I thought he was going to lose his mind when he found out there was a Panda game he could play with Alexa. Now the whole gang is involved in this choose-your-own-adventure game that has you walking through the jungle trying to find injured pandas to nurse them back to health – while also learning super fun facts about panda bears.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

“Alexa, start Rock Paper Scissors.”

This is a great way for one of my kids to play Rock, Paper, Scissors even if no one else wants to play it with them. It’s especially great for my youngest (who is known to cheat), because it’s impossible to cheat with Alexa.

Kid Court

“Alexa, open Kid Court.”

This is actually one of my favorites. When the kids are arguing about something, I send them to “Kid Court.” Alexa will hear both sides of the story, determine who is “guilty,” and then issue a punishment.

The first time they played, Alice had to quack like a duck until the music ended. It had all of us laughing, and the fight was miraculously over. Sometimes I think the kids fight intentionally just to go to kid court and get one of the fun punishments.

Guess the Animal

“Alexa, open Guess the Animal.”

My daughter is a huge animal lover, and she loves this game. Alexa describes an animal and then gives a series of clues that become more and more specific until you’re able to guess the animal. It’s a fun game that teaches you a lot about different animals.

Animal Workout

“Alexa, open Animal Workout.”

Alexa will have your kids jumping like frogs, stretching like giraffes and walking like crabs in no time. It’s fun, and definitely gets your heart rate going. This could be my new morning workout.

Hide and Seek

“Alexa, open Hide and Seek.”

This game just cracks me up because I thought my kids would be a little old to play it. But they love it! They all hide in the same room as Alexa, and then she gives three guesses as to where they could be. “Are you under a table?” etc. If she doesn’t guess right after three guesses, you win. If she does guess correctly, she wins. It’s so simple, but they play it over and over again.

Tell me a joke

“Alexa, tell me a joke.”

A lot of the jokes are so corny they’re funny. The kids love hearing what she comes up with.

 Lemonade Stand

“Alexa, open Lemonade Stand.”

I love this game, and I highly encourage you to play it with your kids. It walks them through all of the decision-making skills that they’ll need in order to set up and run a lemonade stand. And then has them doing quick math and making business decisions as they manage customers. The game can go on forever, and the kids can earn badges as they go.

Box of Cats

“Alexa, open a bag of cats.” 

This isn’t really a game, but the kids will ask this at least five times a day because the “bag of cats” really gets our dog excited and barking – which they think is hilarious.

Categories Game

“Alexa, open Categories Game.”

This fun and fast game will keep your kids entertained. Alexa will give you different categories and ask you to come up with a word that begins with a certain letter in each category. I love that my kids are learning, and they don’t even realize it.

Poop Poems

“Alexa, ask Poop Poems to play a poem.”

These poop poems are fairly clever and also fairly disgusting, and they make my kids laugh and laugh and laugh. And Simon has new material to share with all of his friends, so that’s a huge bonus.

Silly Things

“Alexa, ask SillyThings to tell me to do something silly.”

This is just a silly little game that keeps us all smiling and laughing. You might have to “act like a fish out of water” or “act like you are standing on hot lava.” It’s interactive and there’s always something new and silly to do.

Baby Shark

“Alexa, open Baby Shark.”

If you don’t know the shark dance, your kids probably do. Have them teach you while Alexa plays the music.

Freeze Dancers

“Alexa, open Freeze Dancers.”

This is pretty self explanatory – you just don’t have to press pause on the music because Alexa will do it for you. Win, win.

Story Blanks

“Alexa, open Story Blanks.”

Story Blanks is a lot like Mad Libs, only my kids say it’s better. You can choose from four different stories, and then answer a series of questions. Alexa will update the story with your answers and read it back to you.

Musical Chairs

“Alexa, open Musical Chairs.”

I seriously don’t even know why my kids like playing musical chairs so much – especially when only two of them want to play. But I really don’t care because Alexa is the one doing all the work. (Can you tell who the winner was in this game?)

Science Kid Radio

“Alexa, play Science Kid Radio.”

My 10-year-old loves Science Kid Radio! It streams the latest science podcasts for kids from trusted sources, so there’s something new to listen to every day. They can even say different queues to help Alexa better understand their preferences and share more of a specific podcast in the future.

Mighty Trivia

“Alexa, open Mighty Trivia.”

This is a lot like 20 questions, except this time you’re the one doing the guessing and asking. There are several levels of difficulty, which makes this a great game for a variety of ages.

Travel Mania

“Alexa, open Travel Mania.”

Don’t even ask me why my kids like this game so much, but it is strangely addicting. Alexa whispers the name of a city, and you have to repeat it back to her. If you answer correctly, you get a ticket to visit the city. If you answer incorrectly, Alexa will give you a hint.

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