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The Winter Blues: How to Stay Happy During the Cold Winter Months

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While growing up in Michigan – and now living in Ohio – I’ve been living with winter for my entire life. I know what it’s like to go for months without seeing the sun. Feeling like the shortest month lasts the longest (February). And thinking that perhaps we should all move to a tropical island.

After 30-some years of battling the winter blues, I’ve figured out a few things that help me stay happy during the cold winter months. And – turns out my readers have some great (and funny) tips too.

Have the winter blues? More than 18 ways to stay happy during the cold winter months. Especially #9!

Beat the winter blues!

1. Exercise. Isn’t that the worst and most awful thing to suggest – ever? I know. I’m sorry – but it really does help. I love the T-25 videos from BeachBody. Twenty-five minutes in my family room with my kids cheering me on. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Or click here for some great workout videos you can do at home for FREE.

2. From Stephanie at I’m Still Learning… “I make sure to get out with friends regularly. That’s always good for a pick me up.”

3. Listen to these 50 happy songs. They’re guaranteed to keep you smiling all day long.

4. From Tamara: “Alcohol.” Not the worst idea I’ve ever heard…

5. Light box. It really does help – and you’d be surprised at how many people are using them. This is the one I’ve been using for years. It really does make a difference.

6. From Courtney at Our Small Moments: “Around Feb or March, I like to take my kids to a hotel with a pool to enjoy a summer activity.” Genius.

7. A smoothie for breakfast every morning. It gets me off on the right start – and at least I know I’m getting some vegetables. This is a great recipe!

8. From Andrea: “I take time in the winter to organize the house (ie. junk drawers, kids rooms). I like to catch up on my reading too.”

9. Stay healthy! It’s bad enough to be cold and dreary. But cold, dreary and sick? No thank you! Elderberry should help!

10. From Jessica: “I do diy projects, paint walls furniture anything in sight really. Re arrange rooms go decor happy. I may be going stir crazy…”

11. Take some supplements – especially these three!

12. From Nancy: “Vitamin D and exercising outside. No matter how cold it is. Improves my spirit incredibly.”

13. Go ahead – sit around and make fart sounds. It really does help. Promise.

14. From Tammy: “Start a new work out routine. Start a new body care routine. Book a weekend away.”

15. Read some of these books.

16. From Bethany: “I started a “Happy Book” many many years ago… I like to glance back or add to it when I’m feeling grouchy. Things like “the first whiff of spring in the air” always make me feel better…and remember different first whiffs over the years. Just typing that I can’t wait for that first day I open the sliders to the deck and catch the hint of warmer weather approaching.”

17. Maca powder. Read all about it here.

18. From Julia: “High doses of Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 for sure. Exercise.”

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  1. Emely

    February 18, 2014 at 4:28 am

    I do a lot to keep me happy in the winter, it helps so much that I find it worth it. Here’s my winter routine:

    In the morning:
    magnesium + vitamin D + light box (invest in a good one it’s worth it. 10.000lux, 50+Watt per lamp, minimum 2 lamps; (sorry, don’t want to make a commercial but it’s good –> ) Innosol Mesa Mega works great for me and has almost the same specs as the professional ones do but for a nicer price. Use for 5 – 10 days every morning at exactly the same time for half an hour, place your face about 15 to 20cm (about 6 – 8 inches) in front of it, keep your eyes open, you can read a magazine on the table for example and don’t need to look into the light directly, it’s the most effective way to use it, well it’s the only right way to use it. Halfway though the process you will feel more tired for a few days but keep on going because it does get so much better after that, it so does!) + powerfoods (dried, mostly in my homemade granola) + cut down on processed sugars and replace with stevia/agave-syrup/honey

    During the day:
    DiY + baking + having a walk during my lunch-break to soak up the daylight + keeping a decent eating & sleeping rhythm (don’t sleep in for more then an hour on weekends, it will ruin the rhythm you’ve made using the daylight lamp and don’t nap, yeah that one stinks but trust me it helps).

    In the evenings:
    When I have trouble sleeping (and I know I have to sit behind my daylight lamp again, but don’t have the time), I take melatonin just before going to bed. It helps me sleep trough the night so much better and allows me to wake up without feeling drowsy.

    Thanks for your blog, I hope this may help someone.

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