A Thanksgiving I’ll Never Forget {We Probably Ate Glass}

In our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, Even Steven and I hosted at our house. Several of his family members flew and drove from out-of-town to be with us.

And at the ripe-old age of 22, I had no clue what I was doing.

Even Steven and I got up at the crack of dawn to put the bird in the oven.

I set the table (well, 3 tables shoved together) with all of my wedding gifts. (And I used martini glasses as the centerpiece – what else?)


Everything was going according to plan. The pies were cooling, the green bean casserole was just coming out of the oven. Water glasses were being filled. The turkey was “resting,” and the potatoes were being mashed. When we realized that we didn’t have any gravy. And none of us knew how to make gravy…

So Even Steven’s aunt and I decided to figure it out ourselves. We took the turkey drippings and placed them in the only clean dish left in the house.

And we put a glass Pyrex casserole dish on the stove top to start heating up the drippings and making gravy.

I’m sure you can guess what came next.

Within just a few minutes, the Pyrex dish shattered all over the kitchen – sending shards of glass everywhere. The next several minutes were a blur…

Even Steven got the shop vac from the basement and started cleaning up the glass.

Even Steven’s brother started taking pictures.

Aunt Pat strained the potatoes through paper towels to get the glass out (yup – we totally ate them).

Even Steven’s mom started over with the ice and water.

Uncle Lou took care of  the turkey.

And I still have no clue what we did about gravy.

Despite the mess (and my terrible cooking skills in general), it was a Thanksgiving that I will never forget!

31 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving I’ll Never Forget {We Probably Ate Glass}

  1. I've had this happen twice! I'd taken a Pyrex dish out of the oven and set it on a burner to cool. At the same time, I was making something on the stove top, but I manage to turn on the wrong burner and POP glass was everywhere! Glad to know no major damage was done and I'm not the only one. πŸ™‚

  2. What a great story, everyone really came together now I know not to put a pyrex dish on the top of a stove:)

  3. That is awesome! I've blown up glass doing something similar to that. I actually baked something in the oven and immediately put it in the frige – shattered glass all over the inside of the fridge. At least we learn from our mistakes πŸ™‚

  4. Well obviously the Pilgrims didn't have such things as Pyrex dishes at the very first Thanksgiving, so how are we to know that you can't make gravy in one? Geez…they always leave out the good stuff in History books, don't they? Thanks for the tip! The holidays will be here before you know it! πŸ™‚

  5. Pyrex is DANGEROUS! At least, the new Pyrex is! Their older products could outlive us ALL. Glad to hear you survived eating glass. πŸ™‚

  6. That is mind boggling. I know that feeling of a glass dish exploding like that. My mother is famous for her beans and someone put one of those dishes on a gas grill to heat it up. At least we were outside. And no one tried to clean the glass out of the beans! I don’t know if pyrex explodes the same way as tempered glass, but I had an outdoor table that has glass in it and the first one I had, I made explode because I put too much weight on the umbrella part of it (I rested the umbrella on the edge of the hole while I got a better grip). It was like someone had come in and shot with a gun,, I was so shocked and just stood there speechless for a few minutes. And then for like 15 minutes, the glass kept ticking and doing mini pops and explosions all over the patio. Little slivers EVERYWHERE. I too went and got a shop vac when my wits came back. And then I bought the same table again because I liked it so much. I now spend all summer worrying that the slightest thing will break the table. Brilliant, huh!

  7. Once I made a cake in one, and I took it out and rested it on the top of the stove just for a second while I was laying one of those table protectors down to put the cake on to cool. Just as I turned round to pick it up again, it exploded like a gunshot and slung glass everywhere, including all in the cake. The burner wasn’t even on, I still don’t really get what happened.

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  9. That’s what family traditions are made of! And at least you had the 22 excuse, I still have stuff like that happen all the time at my uh advanced age.

  10. Oh wow! Yeah, I bet you will never put a glass dish on a burner again, huh? Honestly, I’m just impressed that you guys are still married after a tragedy like that. πŸ™‚ That was sarcasm from the the girl who got married at 22 and divorced at 30.

    I hope this year’s Thanksgiving is glass explosion free.

  11. Love that you ate the mashed potatoes! My mom made homemade egg drop soup once and when pouring it into glass bowls the first one, of course, shattered. For some reason I was WAY excited for egg drop soup (I was like 8, who is excited for egg drop anything when they are 8??) and was completely devastated that she threw the ENTIRE BATCH AWAY. It was a complete travesty. I am totally going to tell her that you still served glassy mashed potatoes and that I am mad all over again about the soup.

  12. Who knew Pyrex shatters so much easier hot? I’ve done it too. Pyrex right out of the oven, smash! A billion bits everywhere.

  13. I cooked a bright green turkey one year….a teenager tie- dyed a shirt in my roasting pan and didn’t clean it properly. And the gravy was blue because it didn’t look brown enough so she mixed blue and purple food colouring together to try and make brown gravy! Now that’s a colourful thanksgiving!

  14. I decided one Thanksgiving that I would have piping hot mulled cider greeting my guests as they walked in the door. I poured the hot cider into a beautiful crystal punch bowl….seconds later..all that greeted the guests was my husband frantically trying to stop the flooding cider along our tile floor. The house smelled wonderful though!

  15. My mother did the same thing this past Christmas. She had our cold ham sitting in my pyrex casserole dish on the burner of my gas stove. She thought she had turned on the oven. Nope. The burner under the ham. Stupid me, noticed how high the flame and was and simply turned it down then continued rummaging for a pot. Then KA-POW! Glass all over the kitchen. Thankfully, there was foil under the ham , so it didn’t get “glassed”. Made for an eventful Christmas morning.

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