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Ten Olympic Crafts for Kids

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Ten Olympic Crafts for Kids

Before the Winter Olympics come to a close this weekend, we’ve provided ten fun olympic crafts you can do with your kids.

1.  Your kids will enjoy making their own medals with this super simple craft that uses materials you probably already have around the house!

2.  Of course, celebrating the Olympics isn’t complete without an Olympic torch.

3.  Make an Olympic Playdough kit that will provide endless creativity and fun for your kids!

4.  It’s easy to make Olympic rings with this coffee filter Olympic ring craft.

5. Here’s another great craft to make Olympic rings using toilet paper rolls!

6.  This flag handprint wreath will serve as a festive decoration in your house.

7.  There are a plethora of Olympic pages for your kids to color here.

8.  Your kids can show their support for their team with these bracelets!

9.  All that creativity probably built up an appetite…you and your kids can make some edible Olympic rings!

10. Why not end things with a bang with fireworks in a glass?


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