I Thought I Won at Parenting…

Not too long ago, we were having a really normal lunch.

Except for the fact that Simon was going through his “green wig” phase and insisted on wearing it at all times.

Simon Christmas Letter

Miles and Alice were already finished eating and had started playing in the family room.


Simon really  wanted to play with them.

Simon: All done, Mama.

Me: You have one bite left. Finish the last bite, and you can go play.

Simon: No. I all done.

For whatever reason, I really wanted him to eat that last bite.

Take off the green wig? I wouldn’t even think of asking that. But eat the last bite of his sandwich?

It felt like an important battle.

So I did something that felt really genius at the time.

Me: Let me feel your belly. Oh my gosh, Simon. You have a hole right here in your belly. And it looks like it’s the same size as your last bite of sandwich. Hurry up and eat it to fill that hole in your belly.

And guess what happened next? HE ATE IT!

I did a little happy jig around the kitchen because for the first time ever as a parent, I felt like I had won! I had control!

He got down off his chair. Took two steps into the family room – and threw up.

Lesson learned.

Luckily, thanks to Happy Family and their Stories from the Bright Side, I know I’m not alone here.

Happy Family makes premium organic food for babies and beyond – and they know that feeding our little ones can be a production!

So they partnered with several bloggers – and an improv group – to bring a few true feeding stories to life. My incident  with Simon reminds me of my favorite video from the Bright Side Campaign.

You can watch it here – it’s hilarious and less than two minutes long.

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This is a sponsored posts. All opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “I Thought I Won at Parenting…

  1. Oh boy I’ve had my fair share of dealings with vomit. In fact that video was almost identical to a night I had when I was pregnant and my husband had decided to have to much to drink. I was cleaning up his vomit, while I was vomiting and the do was right behind me eating the vomit and then puking.

    But on another note when I was at work once we were having our yearly lesson about healthy eating and there was this one kid who refused to ever try ANYTHING. I thought that I was like the queen of the world when I got him to try a morsel, seriously a morsel of broccoli…. Needless to say he gaged and threw up right there all over the classes Healthy snacks. Then I had to explain to Mom how I made her kid throw up… yes I lost and he won and I have never tried to convince another child to eat when they say “no” they mean it… l

  2. Ha! I made some fried okra once and my hubby was determined our picky then 4 year old was going to try at least one bite. He actually put a piece in her mouth. She was crying, she got choked, she threw up. I laughed from across the kitchen and made him clean it up! 🙂

  3. This post cracked me up, because when my 17-year-old was a toddler, she used to think her stomach was a series of “holes.” We would tell her to finish her peas … or chicken … or carrots, and she would say , “I only have a hole left for ice cream!” Thanks for making my day!

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