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Schedule for Kids: Moms Share Their Tips

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Schedule for Kids: Moms Share Their Tips

We asked moms for their best advice on a schedule/routine once you have multiple kids in the house.  This is what they told us!

“Just plan on trial and error…flexibility…just when you have one set of routines down, one of the children will move into a different developmental stage or someone will get sick or life will throw you some other challenge. Flexibility is the key. (This is coming from an Army Wife of 20 years and mom to 6 kids ages 17 down to 2).” -Sadie

Agree with flexibility being key. As soon as you think you have a routine something will up and change it. I had three glorious months where they both napped for three hours in the afternoon. I did nothing to foster that it just happened thy both got tired at the same time. So all appts had to be in the morning. Keeping a good bed time routine no matter how tired you are will work wonders as well.” -Kellie

“Bwahahaha I just think your question is hysterical in general. Schedule?!?!? Insert evil laugh now.”  -Tricia

Wake up. Try to keep everyone fed, clean(ish), entertained and safe. Sleep. Repeat.” -Kate

I’ve found after four kids, that set schedules are hard to follow. I set aside time frames throughout the day for just the basics like feeding, napping, & bathing and let the rest of the day take us where it may. Knowing that I want to get the kids settled for a nap or fed around a certain time each day helps contain the chaos enough so we still have our feet on the ground at the end of the day, but allows for so much flexibility to face life’s unpredictability without being overwhelmed when crap happens (as it always does, lol!).” -Kristina

“We put our 5 month old on a nap schedule at 9am, 1pm, 4pm, (or about 2 hours between each sleep) and bed at 8pm and she’s goes to sleep so much easier than she used to without a schedule. Our 4 year old kept the same nap time at 2:30pm and bedtime at 8pm. For our 5 month old before every nap she gets fed and then read a book, and at bedtime she gets a bath, fed, and book. It really helps her settle down to sleep.” -Lori

“My infant did got get into a schedule until 6 months because her needs were changing so quickly. Just keep #1’s schedule the best you can.” -Marie 

I found once #2 came along, my first fella fell into a better routine, especially at bedtime. I didn’t do anything (intentionally) to help, it just happened.” -Sarah

“My kids are 15 and 8 and schedule? really? Maybe it is the big difference in age? maybe it is their dad’s life as a FedEx pilot keeps his schedule changing monthly-literally monthly- but there is no schedule in our house. We just do our best to get everything done.” -Danee

No real scheduling advice, but I advise moms about to have their second child to start making #1 wait for things, and to be a little less immediately available — so when new baby starts slowing down mom’s response time, it’s nothing new and baby won’t be resented.” -Sandra

“I just had #2 (my first is turning 4)And I say, don’t kill yourself trying to get a schedule at first. Whether you want to or not, you are on baby time. You’re on that new baby’s routine. I think it’s best to just see how everyone adjusts first. Don’t have high expectations or you will just get frustrated.” -Keli


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