Save Time During Naptime Painting

I don’t know about you, but with three little kids at home, and a house that needs to be painted, my only chance to paint is during my two hours per day of naptime.

If you’re a naptime painter like me, then your time is limited. Some days, I feel like the minute I get all of the paint and supplies out, it’s time to wash out brushes and rollers because someone has pooped their pants or has decided that naptime is OVER. It’s such a drag to wash out brushes and rollers when I know I’m going to be using them every naptime for the next week.

Have little kids? This little trick shows you how to paint your entire house during naptimes.

Here’s a great tip for not having to wash your brushes and rollers between painting periods.


First, wrap them in saran wrap.

Then wrap them in tin foil.

THEN – put them in the fridge.

Have little kids? This little trick shows you how to paint your entire house during naptimes.

When you’re ready to paint again, just unwrap and you’re good to go. Your brush and roller will still be wet.

If I know it’s going to take me a week to paint a room, then this is the method I use to save time and energy on cleaning brushes.

And, in case you were wondering, this is the face Even Steven makes when I forget that I have paintbrushes in the fridge and leave them there for weeks at a time:

Have little kids? This little trick shows you how to paint your entire house during naptimes.

But no worries because even after weeks in the fridge, the brushes and rollers are still good to go. And Even Steven’s face goes back to normal eventually too.

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25 thoughts on “Save Time During Naptime Painting

  1. THANK YOU for this great tip! I have been avoiding painting because of the thought of endlessly cleaning brushes. I can't wait to try it out!

  2. My sweet hubby has always believed in this method – only, he keeps them in the fridge for YEARS at a time. No joke. (And no, they don't stay nice and fresh for that long either.) Once we got married, those brushes were the first of his "kitchen utensils" to go! 🙂

  3. Ha ha, brilliant. This is so helpful for those projects you can't complete all at once. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yup, totally works. I also take a small amount of "touch up" paint and put it in a small jar in the fridge (like a jam jar). That way, when I need to touch-up scuffs the kiddo has made, I can just whip it out quickly, rather than open up a giant paint can. : )

  5. This is an awesome tip! I have young kids and painting is such a pain. It takes as long to get everything out and put it away as it does to paint!!! I will be using this. I am featuring this at Grab my "Featured' button.

  6. This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing..I was actually wanting to paint today but dreading the whole, "lets paint for 10 minutes then take an hour break b/c of kids" thing!!

  7. My hubby is a painter…he simply puts an old grocery sack around his brushes or rollers. You can even slip an entire paint tray into an old plastic grocery sack to keep it moist for a couple days!

  8. My mom taught me this trick growing up. 🙂 I just stick brushes in freezer bags and then stick them in the fridge. It's just a tiny bit quicker.

  9. That face is hilarious! Thanks for the tip. I didn't realize they could last that long in the fridge and still be good. I am your newest follower. Hope you can visit me sometime soon.

  10. wait a minute, wait a minute. Doesn't your fridge smell like paint? My husband would totally freak out and have a similar expression to yours. I've been meaning to paint a wall here during nap time, so thanks for the tip!

  11. This tip has saved me so many hours over the years. Clear plastic wrap also works as some others have mentioned. We did have a bad experience with primer though, the overwhelming smell took over the fridge. 🙁 Good luck with your next nap time paint project.

  12. this is how my husband and I painted our entire house with a newborn and a 2 year old… LOL… sleep for 2 hours, paint a wall… freeze the rollers and the brush in the freezer with a plastic bag wrapped over it and wait for for the afternoon nap, bedtime and push forward.

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