A Memorable Halloween {Costume}

In my sophomore year of college, I went to my first Halloween sorority/fraternity party.

Yes, I was in a sorority in college. Someday I’ll tell you the adorable story about how Even Steven was president of his fraternity, and I was president of my sorority. Oh – I guess I just did. The end.

Anyways – my sophomore year Halloween fraternity party.

Can you guess which person is me?


How was I supposed to know that a Halloween party with a fraternity was an excuse to look super cute?

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Mean Girls hadn’t even been filmed yet – Lindsay Lohan was still just a baby. Seriously – how was I supposed to know?

While everyone else had fun at the party, I was the scary outcast. My sorority sisters thought I was a really creepy fraternity guy trying to talk to them.

And the fraternity guys thought I was a townie trying to crash their party.

What were some of your most memorable Halloween costumes?

7 thoughts on “A Memorable Halloween {Costume}

  1. hahaha, love it! I can totally relate… I don't think I ever wore a cute Halloween costume in high school. I went to a dance as with my friends as sesame street characters, I was Ernie, yeah no one asked me to dance…I wonder why? Maybe it was the fact that I painted my face orange and had an orange bald cap on with a tuft of black hair, just a guess.

  2. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at this! I was also in a sorority in college (I was the president and married the party chair from a fraternity). Fortunately Mean Girls had came out and I went to the Halloween party in a towel and a shower cap. I pray that my daughter never sees those pictures.

  3. Seriously, that is so hilarious. I just started reading your blog a week ago and you have brought me to tears (of joy) countless times. Thank you. I never try to look cute either…..

  4. I was a T-bone steak for Halloween my sr. year of high school. Desks are hard to maneuver in a giant foam steak costume though!

  5. this is so funny. i checked your blog from my phone and decided i HAD to look at these pictures on my computer to really get a good look. super costume…super creepy. you are too funny!

  6. This is the cutest and funniest post I have read in sometime. That costume is so creepy and I bet it was a night you'll never forget. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great Halloween memory and you can laugh at it now and tell it so well that we all laugh with you. Oh my gosh! Hmmmm, are you still friends with those sorority sisters?

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