Just Another Reason Why Even Steven is a Saint

Even Steven installed a lock on the basement door last weekend to keep kids from accidentally from toppling down the stairs. The door doesn’t always like to stay latched, so the lock should do the trick.

Seeing it reminds me of when we were living at our last house. Our basement door had a deadbolt lock on it, and I used it religiously. Every single time I closed the basement door, I turned the deadbolt lock.

And on more than one occasion (I refuse to say exactly how many times), I received an angry call on my cell phone.


Even Steven: Where are you?

Me: I’m at the grocery store. Remember? I told you I was running out after the kids went to bed. I asked you if you needed anything.

Even Steven: Do you want to know where I am?

Me: Ummmm…. I’m assuming you’re at home with our sleeping children.

Even Steven: I am. But I am LOCKED in the basement. Did you know that you were locking me in the basement when you left?

Even Steven

Every time I got one of these calls, I would leave my cart, or my friends or my treadmill, and rush home to let him out.

And every time I would promise never to do it again. (Especially since we had an unfinished basement.)

Seeing the lock on our new basement door makes me wonder if my old habit will resume.

And where I’ll be next time I realize that I  locked Even Steven in the basement…

36 thoughts on “Just Another Reason Why Even Steven is a Saint

  1. My kinda girl. I like you and Even Steven the more I read of your shenanigans. 😉
    Rock on! Or lock on (Sorry Steven) as the case may be!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA … !!!! Poor ol’ long-suffering Even Steven! Suggestion: Today, carry these things into your basement & LEAVE them there – a 24-pack of bottled water, a box of energy bars, a decent reading lamp or a flashlight if basement is not wired????, a fan, some magazines, a chair of some sort (bean bag chairs are lightweight & you can just toss it down the stairs then follow to put it where you want it, a good sturdy bucket if there’s no basement bathroom facilities, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and an apology note saying he should call you and let you KNOW he’s locked in the basement again, then he should CHILL ’cause you’ll be back soon. TA-DA! Problem SOLVED! HAHAHAHA … hmmm … I’m thinking Even Steven may not find me as amusing as I find myself.

  3. These happenings could be happened to others.Well sorry to Steven lesson learned for two of you…Thanks for sharing those story of you.

  4. LOL….I gotta type fast because now I gotta pee..bwahhh!
    my husband, after 8 years of living in this house, still slams into the front door in the mistaken belief that it will be unlocked when he comes home. every time with the “why is the door locked in the daytime?” um because I am alone here with 3 children? safety?
    and yes, some days entrapment in case one of them decides to make a run for it.

  5. Oh my gosh that is hilarious! I am so glad you shared this… I had a rough night with the littlest one so I needed a good laugh. It is extra funny because I obviously don’t know your husband, but I can TOTALLY imagine him locked in the basement.

  6. Put a bell on him, ya know like a cat, so you’ll know when he’s down there.

    Or, you could just make a little Occupied sign and stick on the door.

  7. WAIT did you read my post about locking k-ster in the house A LOT recently??? It’s going to be my finding the funny link tomorrow! Great minds!!

  8. Kinda wondering what it is he is doing in an unfinished basement with the door closed anyway. You could put one of those red lights that are for darkrooms. He can turn it on (and you see it on the outside of the door) when he is down there and turn it off when he is out. Kinda really liken my idea.

  9. So Kinda wondering what he is doing in an unfinished basement with the door closed. You could install one of those darkroom red lights so when he is down there he can turn it on (you’d see red light outside the door) and turn it off when he isn’t. Really liken my idea.

  10. I experience that too.
    my brother lock me up and he left me.
    I’m so scared. I don’t know what suppose to do.
    I just cry.
    thanks that you shared this.

  11. hahahahaa – I do that all the time to my husband. But luckily I’m always home and he only has to stand there at the top of the basement steps until I happen to hear him knocking or BANGING the door. I have never left the house when he is locked down there, though. That is too funny.

  12. I wonder if there’s a Freudian slip in here somewhere? Like, maybe he’ll think twice before he leaves you for the sharks next time?

    Ah, girl. You are Fun.nee! Wonder though if maybe Kai should co-write that book with you. She’s pretty funny, too.

  13. We have a 2 year old and plastic knob covers on every single knob. But he’s a pretty smart kid and I was afraid he’d defeat the knob cover on the basement door and kill himself. We solved that problem pretty easily by replacing the doorknob with one that locks with a key. The keyhole is on the upstairs side of the door, the basement side of the knob can be unlocked with a twist. We keep the key on the side of the refrigerator (which is right next to the basement door), high out of the 2 year old’s reach, but still convenient. Problem solved, and no holes drilled in the door.

  14. Poor Steven!!! I think by now he’s used to being stuck in the basement. Reminds me of the time I got stuck in the bathroom at 2am. The doorknob inside the bathroom came off in my hand. I was upstairs . . . (our bedroom is downstairs and our bathroom was under construction a.k.a. unusable). I yelled, and banged on that door for an hour before hubby woke up and let me out. LOL!

  15. Hello there. I have never posted a comment on a blog but I had to tell you that I think you are very funny. And you sound like a very nice person to. I read your post about the mean comment and that person is a unhappy person themselves. The posting your husbands pic on a different body made me spit my food out I laughed so hard!

  16. I have to say it’s a good thing he took his phone with him into the basement….Otherwise, it definitely could have been worse.

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  18. I totally think the being locked in the basement with the deadbolt was Even Steven’s fault. He coulda kept a key downstairs;-)

  19. Anna, have I taught you nothing? Lock the KIDS and the DOG in there with him. Geez! Do I have to drive down there and do this for you. You did buy the duct tape, right? How else are you going to get a nap.

    [shaking head]

  20. HAHAHA! I do that with the car keys. We have 2 cars, one outfitted with 2 car seats, and the other non-kid friendly 2 door civic only has one, so we switch picking up and dropping off kids. Some days I’ll forget that I didn’t put the keys to the “kids car” in the “communal key spot” and will be at work when I get a call; “so, did you not want the kids to go to school today?” And I’ll look in my coat pocket and YEP, both sets of keys. Good thing we only live 5 blocks from work.

  21. You deserve extra brownie points for rushing home straight away!

    My friend locked her husband in the shed for 4 hours because she didn’t have a mobile phone so he couldn’t call her to tell her he was locked in there…hilarious!!

  22. OMG! This was sooooo funny. I was in bed reading this and got so tickled I had to get up! The commenter here that said put a bell on him like a cat! Oh my that is perfect! Thank you for the laugh!

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