Is God Hungry?

We had a busy day today. We all took a walk.

Then we put our slippers on and slipped and slid all over the living room floor.

Then Miles and Alice got swimsuits on and played in the “pool.” Alice kept her slippers on.


And after much discussion, Miles and Alice decided we should change Simon’s name. There was a hot debate.


Barker was in the running for awhile, but they ultimately decided to rename this little guy GOD for the day.

Why? “Because I love God. And I love our baby.” Thank you, Miles!

Other fun Miles quotes from the day. “Mommy, I think God is hungry. Can you feed him now?”

“Mommy, where is God sleeping? Is he on the dining room table?”

“Mommy, did God poop?”

2 thoughts on “Is God Hungry?

  1. We have a doll named Jesus at our house so we also get to overhear funny conversations…" let go of Jesus", " don't hurt Jesus", "it's my turn to push Jesus in the stroller" etc.

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