I love the holidays, and I’ve compiled all of my holiday posts in one place for your reading pleasure!


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Gift Ideas for Everyone you know men, women, kids, kitchen, books, cleaning what to buy everyone

This is the ULTIMATE holiday gift guide. Over 50 gift ideas for your family and your kids.

Holiday Gift Guide

My all-time favorite toys for babies and toddlers. Don’t miss this list!

My #1 Holiday Trick

Skinny Jeans After Eating like a pig this season? No worries!

My holiday gift to you: I cured muffin top! Keep shoveling pie into your mouth, and fit into your skinny jeans in 10 seconds or less!

Holiday Posts to Make You Laugh

Santa Cam Did you know you are surrounded by Santa Cams? Are You a List Hole, List Pusher, List Gatekeeper, List Judger, List Ignorer, List Doubter I hate to break it to you, but you’re probably a List-Hole. Figure out which type you are.

Socializing Tips and Tricks

How to end a story, how to tell a story, storytelling Will you be doing a lot of socializing this season? Here’s how to tell a great story every single time. Please punch me in the face Will you be entertaining guests this season? This little trick will guarantee that you don’t screw it up.

Keeping Your House Clean During the Holidays

How to Fake Clean Cook and IronMy readers shared their top tips on how to fake cook, clean and iron. There are genius tips here that will have you ready for the holidays in no time! My #1 Cleaning Tip Company knocking on your door unexpectedly? They’ll think you’ve been cleaning all day long if you do this before you open the door.

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