Five Ways to Surprise Your Husband on St. Patrick’s Day

Even Steven LOVES surprises!

Since he expects a practical joke or two on April Fool’s Day, I like to keep him on his toes by surprising him for other holidays – like St. Patrick’s Day.

There are several ways to surprise your husband on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sharing a few of my favorites…


Surprise Your Husband on St. Patrick's Day @My Life and Kids

#1 Dye all of his underwear and socks green

All it takes is a little Rit dye in the washing machine. And he’s guaranteed not to get pinched all day long at work.

So, really, you’re doing him a favor!

#2 Decorate his car

Just before he leaves for work, send the kids out with some green streamers and shamrock stickers to decorate the inside of his car.

He’ll be a hit on the highway with his car decked out for the holiday.

#3 Update his shoes with green glitter spray paint

Green Shoes - every man's dream

Nothing says Happy St. Patrick’s Day like a pair of glitter shamrock shoes in your hubby’s size. Amiright?

#4 Wrap yourself in GREEN saran wrap

Wrap Yourself in Green Saran Wrap on St. Patrick's Day
I can’t think of a better way to say, “Welcome home from work, dear!”

Well – actually – I can. But that’s okay…

#5 Turn him into a leprechaun

Even Steven loves it when I turn him into a leprechaun and hang the pictures up around our neighborhood (and post them on my blog).

Even Steven is a leprechaun

How do you like to surprise your husband on St. Patrick’s Day?

26 thoughts on “Five Ways to Surprise Your Husband on St. Patrick’s Day

  1. I didn’t know there was green saran wrap! Not that I’d be wrapping myself in it either 🙂 I would like to dye his socks green though, then I wouldn’t have to think about matching anymore!

  2. I’m SO GRATEFUL for you, Anna! My holiday ideas are very lame & it is wonderful that I can just pop right on over HERE to find quick & easy holiday-themed tips! Martha Stewart has NOTHING on YOU, Girly! LOL! (I just love you for making me smile each day!)

  3. You’ve outdone yourself! Wonderful ideas! And just which one will you be using on our Even Steven? He does make an adorable leprechaun!

  4. Totally fun and cute, but way too much effort involved for a girl like me. I’m thinking of making Big Daddy a green martini.

  5. OH MY these are funny! You always are! Thing is, I am pretty sure my husband would wear the sparkle shoes if I would only wrap myself in the saran wrap. He might do anything to see that, actually : )Good thing he doesn’t read blogs…it would give him an idea!

  6. Wonder if I could substitute green food coloring in the washing machine? 😉 All solid ideas, but I especially like the decorating the car idea…who wouldn’t love that?! 😉

  7. While we were dating in college, I once stole a pair of my now-hubby’s boxer briefs and tie-dyed them. He didn’t think it was nearly as funny as I did.

  8. I can’t wait for my husband to walk into his manager’s meeting with his sparkly, green shoes. Thanks for the idea! 😉

  9. I might have to steal the green sparkly shoe idea. Although, normally I would go with a card with some cheesy line.. I’m “dublin” my efforts in bed tonight or you look magically delicious naked. Corny, I know.

  10. Haha! I was JUST thinking the same thing. Oh Dear LORD, don’t let my husband see that it’s every POSSIBLE to wrap yourself in green saran wrap… If he sees this, I’m coming after somebody!

  11. Grind up one of those little green Easter egg coloring dye things in his Lucky Charms cereal so he can have green milk in his cereal (and a green tongue all day too).

  12. Well, I wrapped myself in Saran Wrap to surprise your Dad and it didn’t have the results I had hoped for…..oh it made me hot alright – too hot – guess I should have taken off my flannel nightgown first. You really should be more specific in your directions. I also think I used too many boxes – Dad had to use his pocket knife to get me out of the darn stuff. You are lucky he doesn’t read your blog – he wanted to know where in the world I got this crazy idea anyway……I told him I saw it on Oprah (he doesn’t know she is off the air)

  13. LOL! Love the article, and love your mom’s comment! I just love the pictures of you guys. They crack me up every time.

  14. Wow, your husband looks enough like mine that I just emailed him your leprechaun pic, and that was good enough for me! Cute husband, BTW…

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