Five Teachers who Are Changing Lives

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For the past month, I’ve been teaming up with Office Depot to tell you all about their amazing partnership with Adopt-a-Classroom to help teachers across the nation.

I shared some shocking facts about teachers – and was blown away by the comments I received on that post, on Facebook and on Pinterest. Wow!

10 Shocking Facts about Teachers FB

Then I shared a post about a teacher that is working with his students to create prosthetic limbs out of used car and bicycle parts – and then going to Honduras to deliver them. Seriously – you can read more about him here.

Teacher Changing Lives

And last week, I shared a list of some of MY teaching heroes. And – yes – Mr. Bergh – I still have the picture where I dressed like you for the day, complete with my dad’s drywall stilts and my rockin’ short haircut.

Imitate a Staff Member Day

We can Make a Difference in Teachers’ Lives!

Office Depot has teamed up with Adopt-a-Classroom to share how teachers are changing lives – and how we can help!

Whether you want to adopt a specific classroom or make a general donation, click here for more details.

And if you’re a teacher – register your classroom so that people can support YOU!

Five Teachers that are Changing Lives

For my final post, I thought I would highlight a few teachers that are really changing lives. It was hard to choose just five – as I think pretty much every teacher is changing lives every single day.

But for now, I’m sticking to these five.

Five teachers who are changing lives

Meet David Vixie
David Vixie is a teacher in Paradise, California. He believes that learning should extend outside the walls of the classroom. David teaches his students to learn from experience and provides them with new adventures every class period. His goal is to help students think differently, and come to their own conclusions.

Mary Kurt-Mason
Mary is a special talents teacher in Pagosa, Colorado. She helps her students to feel safe, and at the same time push their own boundaries. Mary brings her passion for the outdoors into the classroom by taking students kayaking, skiing, and horseback riding.

Meet Jeffrey Wright
Jeffrey Wright is a physics teacher in Louisville, Kentucky. His classroom is full of experiments from plasma balls, to hovercrafts. He teaches students that a big part of science is failing, and that it’s okay to fail but to keep trying. He believes you have to give back to make the world brighter.

Meet Cassie Cox
Cassie is a teacher at an alternative high school in Utah that gives students a second chance to their credits – and is the last stop for students before dropping out. Cassie is a former drop out who went on to earn her Masters Degree, and wants the same for her students. She gives them a second chance, and a new way to look at learning.

Meet Chris Emdin
Chris is a science educator in the Bronx. He incorporates hip hop into the classroom material to help students see science in a different way. Chris gives his students new possibilities for life, and something to look forward to.

Want to help changes lives? Click here to learn more about the Adopt-a-Classroom program and how you can help!

I was compensated for this post, although all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. My Special Kind of Crazy

    May 5, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    I’ve seen a couple of these highlighted before- tremendous teachers! Love seeing kids excited to learn, and that is from teachers that are passionate about teaching. Love this post.

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