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Five of the Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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If you’re anything like me, the blur of friends’ baby showers is a distant memory. (I once went to a different baby shower every weekend for six weeks!)

These days, an invitation to a baby shower or a birth announcement in the mail is super exciting – and a little overwhelming. I’ve been out of the baby game for a decade(!) – what do expecting and new parents want?

Luckily, I have younger cousins and friends who are in the thick of baby-making seasons. They were more than happy to share their favorite baby shower gifts of all time, and I’ve teamed up with Nehemiah Manufacturing to share them with you.

Five of the Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas


You may feel like it’s boring to purchase a gift off the registry, but it’s there for a reason. Want to guarantee that the new parents will love your gift? Get them something they asked for. There’s no shame in sticking to the registry list!


Every new parent will come to rely on Dreft products, and this gift pack is an excellent introduction to the product line. You can find it in the baby aisle of your nearest Walmart store.


Something personalized is sure to be a special keepsake that is cherished for years. If you know the baby’s name in advance (or you want to use the last name), hop on Etsy and purchase a personalized blanket, bib, ornament or outfit. You can also check out Facebook Marketplace for local personalization options.


Everyone loves to give cute outfits, blankets and stuffed animals as baby gifts, but when you’re in the thick of new-parent exhaustion, the functional gifts are the ones that are appreciated the most. (Especially in the middle of the night!) My younger friends that are breastfeeding report that they love receiving gifts that help them be successful – like lactation cookies, breast pads, breast milk storage bags and special supplies to wash their bottles and pumping equipment.

Whether the new mom is breastfeeding or not, she’s going to want Dreft Bottle & Dish Soap and Dreft All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes. From cleaning bottles, pacifiers and breast pump components to wiping down toys, carseats and crib rails, these two products are a must for new moms.


Eventually parents will be drowning in picture books, but the first books are always the most memorable. Put together a basket of your very favorite kids’ books. You can even include a memory or note explaining why you love each one.

Whether you’re going to one baby shower a year or one per month, these gift ideas are sure to be a hit with new parents.

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