DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

Looking to make your own DIY Valentine’s Day decorations? Try some of these super simple, fabulous DIY projects!

Looking to add some Valentine's Day decorations to your home? Try some of these super simple, fabulous DIY Valentine's Day crafts. Tutorials to make great decor for your home or to give as gifts. (You're gonna love the XO wreath.)

1. Make a bouquet of flowers out of crepe paper for a long-lasting decoration.

2. All you need for this rustic and charming Valentine’s Day decoration is a vase, colored paper, ribbon, and sticks from your back yard.


3. Do you have extra jars lying around? What about old books? Use them both to create unique candles.

4. If you want more light, try putting candy sprinkles in the bottom of a glass jar to anchor small candles.

5. Do you have old wine bottles on hand? Paint them a solid color, then wrap them with white, pink, and red garland. Great table decoration!

6. Create interesting mobiles by cutting out book pages and stringing them together.

7. If you feel like painting, try this cute heart made out of buttons, glued to a painted canvas.

8. Wreathes aren’t just for Christmas: try this one, made with pink, red, and white yarn…

9. …or these nature-inspired “X” and “O” wreathes.

10. Use wooden “conversation hearts” to make a Valentine’s wall hanging – put your family members’ names on the hearts!

11. All you need is tissue paper, a wood frame, and some tape for this “L-O-V-E” frame project.

12. This project requires dish towels, some scraps of fabric, and a little bit of skill on the sewing machine (or with hand stitching). Voila: Valentine’s Day hand towels! Perfect for your home or a hostess gift.

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day decorations?

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