15 Crockpot Italian Recipes

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Nothing pleases a crowd like a big Italian dinner. Make a meal big enough to feed the whole family (and plenty of friends) with these pasta, chicken and soup favorites. From decadent and rich to light and healthy, there’s something for everyone.

15 Crockpot Italian Recipes. Nothing pleases a crowd like a big Italian dinner. Make a meal big enough to feed the whole family (and plenty of friends) with these pasta, chicken and soup favorites. From decadent and rich to light and healthy, there's something for everyone.

15 Crockpot Italian Recipes

Crockpot Italian Chicken, Quinoa, and Vegetable Soup

A delicious soup that can be made in the slow cooker to simmer alllllllll dayyyyyy looonnnnng!

Fresh veggies, incredibly flavored chicken, in a hardy broth that will fill every single corner of your appetite. This Crockpot Italian Chicken, Quinoa, and Vegetable Soup is bold enough to stand alone and quench the biggest appetite.

See full recipe here.


Slow Cooker Italian Chicken Sandwich

This Slow Cooker Italian Chicken Sandwich is a party in your mouth! You will love coming home to this delicious and comforting dish with straightforward ingredients. The only thing you will be left wondering is how you have made it so far in life without this on your weekly meal menu.

See full recipe here.


Slow Cooker Venison Chili

A simple and delicious Italian Recipe, Crockpot Venison Chili is a classic Italian dish. The flavors combine perfectly to sweep you to full-belly-bliss! Our kids love this chili because it is full of meat, and packed with robust tomato flavors. It is a crowd pleaser!

See full recipe here.


Crockpot Pesto Stuffed Shells

Crockpot Pesto Stuffed Shells

3 different cheeses



These stuffed shells are so easy to make and so addictive. Once you realize how easy they are to fix-and-forget, this meal will become your new favorite home-run dinner! We double to recipe to ensure that there are leftovers (Spoiler alert: it’s so delicious that we still never have leftovers!!!).

Simple ingredients, simple prep, simple cooking!

See full recipe here.


Crockpot Italian Sausage and Peppers Recipe

Italian Sausage



BOOM. Done. This is a standard favorite. We make it during the weeks when the days are long and the hunger is huge! We love to eat over egg noodles, rice, or on its own! You really cannot go wrong with this hardy, classic, Italian favorite.

See full recipe here.


Slow Cooker Italian Sausage and Peppers Sandwich

There are evenings when all we need is a magnificent and delicious sandwich. This is our favorite. Italian Sausage and Peppers simmer all day to create the perfect flavors – we add to our favorite sandwich rolls and top with banana peppers.

This. Is. Magic.

See full recipe here.


Crockpot Italian Beef

The crockpot makes this the easiest Paleo recipe you will ever make! The flavors are complex and layered in every power-packed portion.

Paleo Crock Pot Italian Beef…It’s What’s For Dinner!

See full recipe here.


Slow Cooker Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

Juicy, flavorful Italian style meatballs. {{hands clap!}}

These little guys are stuffed with cheese, fresh herbs, and just the right amount of zeal! I have been known to double this recipe so that I have some for freezing. Those weekday emergency meals when only the Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs will do – I am never caught off guard!

You could feed a hungry army, or football team, or rowing team this incredible meal and know that everyone will leave full and happy.

See full recipe here.


Basic Drip Beef

This is one of my favorite recipes. My family demanded an alternative to the traditional roast beef. This set me on a journey for the perfect dish. Italian Drip Beef can be made simple and easy in the crockpot. You will thank yourself after taking the very first bite. I promise!

Need more incentive? Know this: it seriously gets better each day after you’ve made it! The already bold  juices and flavors just get even richer! This is an economic, delicious, and simple dish for the whole family to dig into!

See full recipe here.


Skinny Italian Stuffed Peppers (In the Crockpot)

We have taken your favorite craving and found a way to make it in the crockpot! Skinny Italian Stuffed Peppers — are:


Clean Eating

Low Calorie (right around 300 calories for a totally satisfying meal)

Super Easy

When the flavors combine and the aroma fills your kitchen, the only thing you will be left wondering is why you didn’t make even more to enjoy!

See full recipe here.


Crockpot Italian Wedding Soup with Turkey Meatballs

Crockpot Italian Wedding Soup is all you need.

For days that are chilly and dark – there is no better recipe for warming the heart and soul. As authentic as take-out from your favorite Italian cafe, the turkey meatballs pack a bold punch, while the soothing broth and robust veggies round out each bite with perfection.

Spoiler alert: this is your new favorite because it is ALSO low fat and low sodium!

See full recipe here.


Creamy Italian Chicken

Finding the perfectly flavorful, moist, and hardy chicken dish is like unlocking a hidden treasure! My family absolutely LOVES this dish. There are only 6 ingredients, so prep is easy, and the Crockpot does all the rest. For us, this is a super economic and hardy meal for our growing family.

Doubling the batch means that you *might* have leftovers to enjoy throughout the week!

See full recipe here.


Slow Cooker Italian Meatballs

Don’t EVEN talk to me about Italian Meatballs until you have tried this incredible recipe.

The freshness and perfect texture are achieved through a slow, steady simmer in your Crockpot. Cutting all the fuss and fidget out of lengthy and ingredient lists and several steps – the process of forming these little rowdy balls is straightforward and manageable.

ProTip: double the batch! These freeze up amazingly and have rescued us many nights when there is no energy left in the tanks for a healthy and delicious meal!

See full recipe here.


Italian Red Wine Roast Beef

Italian Red Wine Roast Beef is your new go-to for a great Sunday dinner! Gather your extended family, friends, neighbors. This dish is easy, economic, and mind-blowing with flavors bold and bright. Your whole crew will completely devour this.

We love to serve this with egg noodles or sweet buns and a big, lush salad.

See full recipe here.


Crockpot Italian Chicken Pasta

Coming in at only 300 calories per serving, this is definitely a guilt-free, nutritious, and DELICIOUS meal.

When you are greeted by Italian Chicken Pasta simmering slowly all day long in your Crockpot, you will thank you past self (for making it) and your future self (for eating it)! Trust me, this is one of the easiest recipes you will find for such an incredible, classic Italian favorite.

See full recipe here.



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