Blast from the Past: Big Hairy Dog

One day, about six years ago, Even Steven was out of town, and I let Big Hairy Dog out into the backyard. I didn’t realize that the gate was open until much later, and Big Hairy Dog had escaped! I ran through the neighborhood calling for him and was on the street behind ours when someone said they saw an airedale in their neighbor’s back yard. I went up to the house and rang the doorbell, hoping to ask if they had seen Big Hairy Dog in their back yard.

When I rang the bell, Big Hairy Dog came to the front door. He was very excited to see me. And he was “home” alone. The owners were not at home – and while I watched through the front door, Big Hair Dog plopped down in their living room and made himself at home.

I ran into their backyard to find a massive doggie door on the back porch. Big Hairy Dog had let himself right in. I opened the doggie door and called him, but he wouldn’t come out. I contemplated going through the doggie door myself to get him – but I decided it would be easier to explain my dog in their house than it would be to explain ME and my dog in their house should they come home. I sat on the front porch and kept my eye (through the door) on Big Hairy Dog for quite awhile waiting for the owners to come home.

I finally ran home to consult a neighbor’s advice on what to do. When I got home, guess who was waiting on my front porch? Big Hairy Dog had let himself out and beat me home. He acted like I was the one that was missing.


I never told the homeowners about Big Hairy Dog’s visit!

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