Awesome Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is here. My kids are out of preschool. The winter gear is (finally) packed away, and there’s a fine mist of sunscreen covering just about everything. (Thanks to an incident involving my 2-year-old.)

For the first time in several years, I’m looking forward to summer. I’m excited to be without a schedule. Excited to spend our days at the zoo or the park or the pool. Excited to be outside as much as possible.

And – at the same time – I know it’s not going to be easy. My kids are still young enough to need me for pretty much everything. They still get up at the crack of dawn and by 9 am they’ve already eaten breakfast twice, gotten dressed, watched a show and would like a snack.

There are great parts in every day, but the days are long. And by the time Even Steven gets home from work I’m pretty sure that I can’t handle hearing my name one more time.


And – it’s only been one week.

So… I’m doing two things today for moms who have little kids and love them to pieces and are excited for summer – and are also a little afraid because it’s SUMMER!

75 Ways To Have More Fun at Home

Remember how I wrote that little eBook about 75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home?

75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home eBook My Life and Kids

Well, in honor of summer, it’s on sale NOW for just $0.99!

This sucker is 30 pages long and includes my top 75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home. And we’re not talking about activities that require you to get everyone dressed, out the door and behaving in public. No way. These things are simple, require very few (or no) supplies – and are things you can do at home.

For your Kindle: If you have an iPad or a kindle or a Kindle app for your phone, you can click here to buy it on Amazon.

For your computer: If you prefer a PDF that you can print out or just save on your computer (that’s usually my preference), you can click here to download it now.

And, if you’re still nervous about spending $0.99 and not getting anything worthwhile out of the eBook, you can click here to see some reviews, and click here to see all 17 of my 5-star reviews on Amazon, thankyouverymuch.

And now for my second gift – for myself – and for moms like me…

Awesome Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Activities for Kids from My Life and Kids

If you’re a blogger, please link up your summer activity posts – as many as you can find! No need to link back, but I’d love a shout out on Facebook or Pinterest.

If you’re a mama that’s wondering how to fill her days this summer, bookmark or PIN this page and come back often. There will be some fabulous activities that will keep you and your little ones busy all summer long (I promise.)

Happy Summer!

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10 thoughts on “Awesome Summer Activities for Kids

  1. We still have pre-school and dance and dance (on the weekends) for the next two weeks. And only had the first real warm weather this past weekend. So, I am behind on planning summer activities yet. Will definitely have to check out your book for more ideas. And haven’t even written up any summertime posts as of yet either. Thank you for the doing this though!! 🙂

  2. So helpful of you! Your description of life before 9:00 a.m. is SO TRUE!! We are starting our first official week of summer…and yeah, I am already tired! 😉

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