25 Outdoor Activities for Kids

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After a long winter cooped up inside, it feels great to get outdoors with your kids and enjoy some springtime air. Today we’re bringing you 25 ideas to get creative and enjoy the great outdoors together.

25 fun outdoor activities for kids. From party ideas to crafts, DIY projects and games, you and your kids will love these fun outdoor activities. My kids are obsessed with #22.

It’s Spring! 25 Outdoor Activities for Kids

1. Play in the Rain
2. Ride Bikes
3. Take a Walk
4. Plant a Garden
5. Pick Flowers and make a bouquet!
6. Fly kites
7. Play tag
8. Play hide-and-go-seek
9. Create a scavenger hunt
10. Have a picnic
11. Collect Bugs in a jar
12. Play with sidewalk chalk
13. Jump Rope
14. Make a bird feeder
15. Play follow the leader
16. Have a cartwheel contest
17. Play capture the flag
18. Play “Horse” basketball
19. Play mini golf
20. Go swimming
21. Head to the tennis courts
22. Have a neighborhood car wash
23. Have story time outside – read a book under a tree
24. Collect leaves: see who can collect the most varieties
25. Have a “toy car wash:” let the kids wash their toys with soapy water

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  1. Kris Dadant

    March 29, 2014 at 9:34 pm

    Disc golf is another great activity. You can simply pick out an object and see how many throws it takes you to get there.

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