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15 Diaper Bag Essentials for Every Mom

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15 Diaper Bag Essentials for Every Mom

We’ve put together a list of the top 15 diaper bag essentials for every mom!  You won’t want to leave home without these items.

1.  Diapers

So we start with the most obvious, but seriously, one of the most essential!  Be sure to have enough diapers for how long you will be out and about.

2.  Wipes

No question here, a must have essential!  Again, make sure you have plenty of wipes, especially for those really fun accidents!

3.  Portable changing pad

My changing pad is built in to my my diaper bag, and it has been a lifesaver.  If you don’t have a diaper bag that has one built in, be sure to have a portable one available so you can change your child’s diaper anywhere.

4.  Change of clothes for your baby/toddler

A definite must for those fun surprises, spills, spit up episodes, you name it.

5.  Extra shirt for mom

Putting on a new shirt after you’ve leaked, been thrown up on or pooped on can make you feel just a bit better about your life.

6.  Pacifier or comfort item

Don’t leave the house without these magical items that can help alleviate meltdowns.

7.  Weather appropriate items

During the spring and summer months, be sure to have the appropriate sun protection items (wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunscreen for older children).  During the colder months, make sure to have the necessary needed layers for your child (hat and gloves).

8.  Hand sanitizer

See #2, #4 and #5.  Yeah – you’ll just need a whole lot of it.

9.  Feeding supplies

Don’t be stuck with a hungry child – it’s not pretty.  For your infant: nursing cover, bottle with expressed milk or formula, bibs, burp cloths.  For your toddler: spoon, snacks, sippy cup.

10. Identification 

Include your contact information on a laminate card inside your diaper bag in case you leave it somewhere.

11.  Small trash bag or plastic bag for dirty clothes or diapers

There are times when you won’t be able to find a trash can to dump that stink bomb, so make sure you have a back up available!

12.  Diaper rash ointment

Especially helpful for infants and their cuddly, sensitive skin!

13.  Water bottle for mom 

Whether you’re nursing or running around chasing a toddler, it’s always smart to have some water on hand to keep yourself hydrated.

14. Thermometer

This is a ‘throw in your bag’ and hopefully never need it item.  However, it’s helpful to always have in your bag so you know whenever you go anywhere or travel, you always have a thermometer handy and don’t have to worry about packing one.

15.   Toys

It’s always smart to have something available that can help entertain your child at any age.


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  1. Ashlee

    February 27, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Extra shirt for is probably just as important as diapers and wipes. I will never forget when I went in for my son’s 3 month checkup, he peed all over me and I didn’t have a change of clothes. I asked if the office minded me being in my bra if I put my jacket on before leaving and they let me! I’m sure someone at least got a nice view for a second.

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