15 Baby Shower Games that everyone will want to play

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These 15 baby shower games will be a hit at any baby shower!

Planning a baby shower? These 15 baby shower games will ensure everyone has fun at your next party. Fun DIY games that will fit any baby shower theme.

Baby Shower Games

  1. Late Night Diapers
  2. Blindfolded Diaper Changing
  3. Size Up the Belly
  4. “My Water Broke” Ice Cubes
  5. Name that Poop (Melted Candy Bars)
  6. Paint a Onesie
  7. Decorate a Block
  8. Tinkle in the Pot
  9. Diaper Duty
  10. Stamping Burp Cloths
  11. DIY Alphabet Book
  12. Identify the Baby Food
  13. Draw the Baby
  14. Guess the Baby
  15. Who Did It?

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