What EVERY college student needs to bring to college with them

During my freshman year of college, as I was looking at my exam schedule to wrap up my first semester, I realized that all of my exams were on Monday or Tuesday – except for one. That one exam wasn’t until Friday!

I was a little annoyed. If it weren’t for that one class, I would be able to go home on Tuesday afternoon and start my Christmas break. I would be away from my roommate and immersed in my family’s holiday celebrations four nights early if it weren’t for that one exam.

So I did the only thing I could do.

I purchased a box of wedding invitations and printed out a wedding invitation for my brother’s wedding.

I made sure to state that it was taking place the Saturday after the exam. And I provided it as proof to my teacher to explain why I absolutely had to take the exam early – so that I could be home in time to help out with my maid-of-honor duties.

I took that exam on Tuesday morning, and then I was finished for the entire semester!

But rather than head home, I hung out with Even Steven for the rest of the week – because he was way too cute…

Anna and Even Steven in college

I kept that box of wedding invitations, and my brother just happened to get married twice a year for four years – and I always enjoyed my exam week more than anyone else on campus.

All of my exams would be over by Tuesday afternoon, and I would spend the rest of my week going out or cross-stitching things for Even Steven.

Anna and Even Steven at a formal

So my advice to college students everywhere (except for my kids) – bring a box of print-your-own wedding invitations with you. And find yourself an Even Steven.

16 comments on “What EVERY college student needs to bring to college with them

  1. Genius. I mean, really, who could argue with that. Kind of want to go back and do college again just so I could think of that. And also for the freedom. And the frat parties.

  2. I think we were at Miami around the same time and so wished I would have know this trick! I did try having all my classes in Tuesday and Thursday so that I would be able to go to First Run Thursday night and not have to worry about classes.

  3. Oh Good Night!! I SO don’t want to know this!!! I wake up to this on a Monday morning??? Such a role model you are!! I’m just glad your Grandmother hasn’t figured out her IPad – I do not want her reading this……and you didn’t even come home and spend extra time with me? You know your brother would never have done such a thing – your sister-inlaw probably told you to do it didn’t she? This is right up there with the tatoo she forced you to get…. We are coming down this weekend and you and I are going to have a talk.

  4. I can’t believe you concocted such a scheme. Genius. I lived in overalls in college, like yours in the picture. Were you in a costume or was that your everyday attire? I can’t believe I wore them so much, actually. They were not cute on me, like I thought they were. Ugh. Shudder.

  5. For the record – I feel it is necessary to explain that we were at a THEME party for my sorority. It was something about owls and barns. FARM type thing. Maybe Howl at the Moon?I can’t remember. And mom – you’re fine.

  6. I seriously LOVE this. I was always a good student but the trick I used to get out of stuff (especially with male teachers) was to tell them I was at that time of the month. I only used this rarely but when I absolutely needed to get out of something or go home to grab my assignment I would tell them I leaked through and had to go home to change. Worked wonders every single time!!

  7. Oh man, wish I knew that 20 plus yrs ago! My first semester at college had me on campus until Dec 23rd!! For a dumb English exam that the adjunct professor was too scared to give earlier. Sigh….