Visiting My New Bestie: Allison

Out here in blogland – you have your bloggers (like me), and then you have your celebrity bloggers. They’re the real deal – and most of them are totally amazing.

One of my favorite celebrity bloggers is Allison at House of Hepworths.

House of Hepworths

Allison has been kind enough to let me guest post not once, but TWICE! (You can read them here and here.)

And last week, she left a comment on my blog that basically said she wanted to be my very best friend in the world.

HOH Comment

And I also took her comment as an open invitation to stop over anytime with my family to get down to the business of being best friends.

So that’s just what I did. I loaded up the kids and Even Steven in the minivan, and I drove to Texas (or wherever it is that she lives) to stop by.

Unfortunately, Allison wasn’t there…

Allison – sorry we missed you – but your house was fabulous! (You probably should start locking the door when you leave, btw).

House of Hepworths Family Room

Your family room looks amazing – especially that mounted television (no cords!) Simon was thrilled to have carpet to crawl around on, and I borrowed a few books off your bookshelf – I hope you don’t mind?


House of Hepworths Kitchen

Even Steven was a little grumpy about making this long roadtrip, so I told him to just help himself to anything in the kitchen. I knew my bestie wouldn’t care a single bit!

And – yes – I totally lost track of my kids for a few minutes. But, no worries, I found Miles and Simon in your bathroom. (You might want to check for pee in your toilet brush holders.)

House of Hepworths Bathroom

And I found Alice in your closet. I hope you don’t mind that she borrowed a pair of your socks.

House of Hepworths Closet

Anyways – I’ll probably call before I stop by next time. (30 hours in the car with my kids is no fun!)




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37 comments on “Visiting My New Bestie: Allison

  1. Real Nice Anna! You think nothing of driving 30 hours to some person’s house you have never met – yet you whine about driving 5 hours to YiaYia’s house so I can see my Grandchildren? I’m somewhat of a celebrity here you know – I’ve even had my name in the newspaper….okay it was for being in a car accident but I got lots of calls….we need to talk. I’m free next weekend. I’ll plan on you coming up.
    Love Mom

  2. OMG, I’m peeing my pants right now. You are now officially the funniest person I know. And of course we can be BFFs! I’ll just come to your house from now on. ;)

    Thank you for making my morning! I try to be funny, but you, my friend, take the cake.


  3. Oh, and seriously, if you ever are in Austin, PLEASE come see me. In fact, I think you should plan an entire vacation around coming to Austin and staying with me. I’ve got a guest room and loads of toys. But if Even Steven makes that face at me, he’s O-U-T. :)

  4. BEAUTIFUL! That is the funniest post I ‘ve seen in a long time! I’m so glad that Allison introduced us – maybe I’ll bring my family by your place for a visit very soon. :D

  5. Sorry, Anna, this is for your mom:

    You GO, girl! Us grandma’s have to stick together on matters of this nature! Only 5 hours to see you?? And she doesn’t come every weekend? That girl needs a talkin’ to! Oh, and by the way, you ARE famous in my book. You gave this girl her sense of humor and I love it! So…thanks!

    OK, missy, here’s some for you….as for famous bloggers? For us poor souls out here that don’t blog, only stalk, there are different priorities that make a blogger famous. One thing is if they actually answer a post from a nobody like me. And you have! And I saved them! So, yeah, that makes YOU my #1 famous blogger! Being a lowly stalker, I would never presume to call you my BFF (though I may or may not tell my kids you are) but if you are ever in Arizona (though only the good Lord would know why you’d want to be) you and all your kids…and Even Steven….are welcome in my home!

    Sorry. This was long. I’ve taken up too much of your precious time. Forgive me. But…..YOU DA BOM, GIRLFRIEND!!!!!

  6. Hilarious! I love this post, Anna. I found you through Allison (another funny gal) and I’m bookmarking your page now.

    PS. I see where you get your humor, your mom’s comment is awesome :)

  7. I’m a fairly new follower, and enjoy your blog a lot. Loved this, thanks for the laughs! The comments are often hilarious as well!
    I can’t believe you were in Texas and didn’t stop to see me though, -d’oh!

  8. Oh my word, my husband is even hooked on what you have to say today!! The booger wall got him and how to be a friend. He was like, what does this girl look like?? I don’t know why it mattered. But he has been loving the posts!!! I’m going to share the girlfriend link on my blog if that is okay??

  9. OMGoodness! This is just too funny. New follower all the way!

  10. When I first glanced at the first picture, I was momentarily confused. “What? She actually did this? What a fruitcake!” When I looked again, I realized this was all the power of photo manipulation. Awesome! Very fun!

  11. I found you through Allison and hopped over here to see what she was talking about. This is absolutely HILARIOUS! And Allison is the perfect person to play a joke on since she has such a great sense of humor. This made my day. Oh, and your Mom is pretty darn funny, too. Maybe she needs a blog of her own!

  12. Oh, gosh. I can count on you for my daily laugh. I love the pictures from your “trip”. Hahahaha. I also love your Mom’s comment.

  13. Oh my gosh…I see now that you got it honest. This is hilarious. I think I will start visiting people’s houses! ha ha ha ha ha!

    Thank you for another morning filled with laughter!