No Elf on the Shelf? No Problem!

It’s that magical time of year, where Santa is watching every single move my kids make.

He sees them when they’re sleeping. He knows when they’re awake.

He knows when Miles is wiping boogers on his wall and when Alice doesn’t change her underwear for days at a time. He sees them when they tackle Simon and when Miles is peeing in random places around the house.

And how does he see all of this?

Through his Santa Cams of course.

Santa Cams are Everywhere

Not only does it detect smoke and fire – it also serves as Santa’s Camera to see if you’re being naughty or nice.

There’s one on every floor of our house. There’s one at every house we go to. They even have them at the mall, at restaurants, at school…

Santa is truly everywhere – and he’s always watching!

And – sometimes – if something really naughty happens – the Santa Cam starts to beep and flash. This is way worse than time out!

The months of November and December are full of magic – none of which is greater than the power of the Santa Cam.

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25 thoughts on “No Elf on the Shelf? No Problem!

  1. Oh man Anna, this by far was the best and most ingenious post. I am using the ‘Santa Cam” with my kids today to see how it works. Hell, I am willing to try anything just once to keep the kiddos in line!!

  2. You are a genius! I wonder if the parents of my first grade students would be unhappy with me if I used this at school? Thanks for all the laughs!

  3. Damn that’s rad. If only I’d thought of that before my kids figured out what they really were.

  4. I teach Pre-k at a private school that has motion detectors. They think that is our Santa cam. But those are special cameras for lots of kids. The ones at home are not as large. Lol

  5. But…. ours goes off every night at dinner time. Seriously… it beeps and my kid yells that dinner is done.

    I’m so bummed that I won’t be able to use this one!

  6. Yes nothing like threatening your children to keep them in line. I personally enjoy having my children live in fear of not being perfect.

  7. I LOVE the idea of a Santa Cam. Brilliant!
    We have never had the elf on the shelf because I think of it as kind of creepy. The other day at Target, I had to explain the elf to my son, who is 16. When I was done, he looked semi-horrified. I said, “And that is why I never got you one.”
    I wonder if a teen would “buy” the whole Santa cam thing.

  8. This is great.I tell my son that the security cameras that are in stores and at traffic lights have a direct feed to Santa

  9. Hahaha …. our “Santa Cam” is our house alarm sensor – we have one in the living room and one in the corridor and whats even more awesome is when they flash that little red light and the kids think Santa is watching ! Oh the lengths we will go to!!!! I did not think of the smoke detector lol.

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