Thankful Thursday

As part of my Ho Ho Holidays series, I’ll be Thankful on Thursdays!

This Thursday, I’m thankful for…

The good health of my 2nd mom, Nana Carol. She had surgery on Monday and is doing great!

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Christmas music! Two radio stations are already playing all Christmas all the time. And we’ve been listening to the Glee Christmas album for weeks – Alice already has all of the words memorized. Nothing makes me cheery like Christmas music!

Even Steven. He lets me put his head on other people’s bodies, he encourages me to leave the house without kids – whether I’m going on a girls’ night or heading to the gym – he does all the grocery shopping – and he has never once asked me why the house isn’t clean when he comes home (although he did ask me one time if someone had broken in…)

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My DVR. Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, Tosh.0, The Office, Glee – none of this would be possible without my trusty DVR. How did we ever survive without these things?

My Minnie Mouse, my pumpkin and my Spiderman. Enough said!

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

6 comments on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Very thankful for my DVR too – the only way I would ever get to watch Glee!

  2. Not sure if this is only happening to me but 2 different blog post links I’ve clicked on in your blog have not brought me to that post, they have brought me to a different post.For example, I clicked on “I got a mean comment” and I was brought to this post.

  3. Oh and the other one I clicked on was “A letter to Seventeen magazine” and it brought me to “A letter to Miles’s Future Wife”.

  4. Constructive criticism :I just want to say that I LOVE your blog but the links often bring me to the wrong posts. I could read for hours if it wasn’t for those links that direct me to totally different topics. Just sayin, it might be something you would want to fix. :/