Sometimes, I Get a Good Feeling

Remember when I mentioned that Miles and I got to be involved in a very special project?

Cincinnati Children's Got a Good Feeling Flo Rida Video Lip Dub My Life and Kids

Well I can finally share the exciting news!

Miles and I got to be in a video for Cincinnati Children’s. They’re one of the top three pediatric hospitals in the nation, and they’re right in my hometown. (Which is crazy comforting – especially on days like yesterday.)

It was such a fun day for both of us – and I even got to pretend that I can sing and dance (even though I can’t).

I think you’re going to love it! (In case the above picture didn’t give it away – I’m the one in the pink shirt, and Miles is wearing a green shirt.).

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47 comments on “Sometimes, I Get a Good Feeling

  1. Oh, Anna, that was fabulous! It did make me smile so I passed it on. So how is the little man after his surgery??

  2. Great video and have totally passed it on by sharing on my Facebook page. How is Miles doing this morning? Totally thinking of him and you, too :)

    • Thanks Janine! Miles is a rockstar – I’ve had to ask him to slow down at least 10 times this morning.

  3. 2nd day in a row I’ve come to read your posts and all I can see is your comments?? Any ideas??

    • So weird! I’ll check with my tech guru – can you tell me what browser you’re using? They usually ask me that. Thanks Courtney!

  4. That is soooooo cute, Anna!! I’m so glad that they asked you to be a part of that project. What a special thing! You look adorable and so does Miles. I am sharing this one!

  5. That was so uplifting!! You can really see how much fun everyone had making it. The people that work at children’s hospital’s should have their own holiday. Amazing!!

    • Thanks Lori! It was so amazing to be part of the filming! We had a blast that day – and I agree children’s hospitals should have their own holiday!

    • Thanks Lakeesha! I’ve seen it at least 400 times, and it makes me smile every single time. They did a great job!

  6. Ha! I love it!!!! I wish the NHS would take a leaf out of their book, it could do with a few more smiles!

    The security guard made me laugh most but the whole thing was fun. It’s a good job you drive a mini-van, the video just wouldn’t be the same without it!

    • I loved the security guard too. Isn’t he the best? :)

      And I had to SCRUB my minivan to get it camera ready. It wasn’t an easy job, trust me. :)

    • Didn’t they do a great job, Loretta? Miles and I were SO excited!

      At one point during the filming they asked Miles if he could tap his foot to the music. He said yes, and proceeded to reach his hand down and tap his foot. Hilarious! :)

  7. Well, if I didn’t have a good feeling earlier today…I SURE DO NOW!! That is completely and totally awesome!! You and Miles were superstars!! Loved every single bit!! :)

    • Cincinnati Children’s is definitely amazing! And I LOVE that they did this video. Miles was especially excited to see it today after having surgery there yesterday. He thought that was really cool! :)

  8. Awesome video – you guys looked great in it! You must be so happy and proud to have been involved in that. :)

    • Can I blame my watery eyes on post-partum hormones too? My baby is only 4 years old!! =)

  9. Anna that was awesome…..Loved it….you and Miles were definately naturals!!! :)

  10. Anna – that was awesome! I can’t wait to show Greg! and am totally not surprised that he isn’t in it – as it takes quite a bit of alcohol for him to dance.
    how fun!

  11. Aww, loved it! How fun for you guys! :) Cincinnati Children’s is awesome! That is one of the things I miss most about Cincy – all of the wonderful medical facilities!!

  12. that was such a great video. Everyone did so great. Looks like you all had fun! I loved seeing the kids get in on it too :)

  13. I just stumbled on to your website via Mama Laughlin and love it! I watched your video and it is awesome! As I was watching it, I swear I saw someone that I know. Mind you, I am from Kansas, so you wouldn’t think it was possible that I know someone. It’s the young lady wearing the Kansas State t-shirt. I have know her since she was little. The video is awesome and I enjoyed watching it!

    ~Jenny T

  14. Anna, holy moly, I am crying! This totally made my day. I know it’s a couple of months old now, but this just has to be shared over and over. Has anyone contacted Ellen DeGeneres about this video? I bet she would LOVE it.

  15. I swear your the only woman I know that gets a whole hospital dancing for them when they visit lol

  16. I loved this, especially because I am in a Children’s Hospital here in NY twice a week with my son who is undergoing treatment for a sarcoma…very uplifting! Hmm, now I’m wondering if I can get the staff at my son’s hospital to dance like that?! :)