10 Cures for PMS

Some women take vitamins, exercise and eat extra vegetables to cure their PMS.

Some take medication or practice deep breathing exercises.

I’ve found that the best way to cure my PMS is to wage a little war on my husband.

Vitamins, exercise and deep breathing certainly help, don’t get me wrong. But these 10 things CURE my PMS.

10 Cures for PMS from My Life and Kids @LifeandKidsBlog

1. Hide the last roll of toilet paper from your husband.

2. Lock your husband in the basement just before you leave the house. (Yes – I totally used to do this.)

3. Surprise your husband while he’s in the bathroom. Post pictures on your blog or on Facebook. (Husbands love this!)

Even Steven on the Potty

4. Don’t clean your house for a month – if your husband dares to ask, tell him that you need it to get really messy so you can submit it to my Messy Houses Edition!

5. Next time you leave your husband at home with the kids, hide the remote control – or better yet – take it with you.

6. Avoid doing every single thing on this list. Trust me.

7. Eat toast on his side of the bed (or cupcakes) – the more crumbs or frosting, the better.

8. Wait until your husband is just about asleep, and do my favorite party trick under the covers. It will make you feel so much better!

9. Paste his head on other bodies. Print them out and hang them up around the house – or get a button made and wear it proudly.

10. Try to bring your vasshole up in conversation with your husband at least once a day. Better yet, call him at work to talk about it.

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What cures your PMS?

14 comments on “10 Cures for PMS

  1. I love that you really put your husband’s head on other bodies when you’re annoyed. That is so funny and clever and probably saves you guys a million stupid fights a year that neither person wants to be in.

    I want to do that but I don’t know how to use photoshop. Lame.

  2. Perfect timing for this post, because I am PMSing right now, lol!! Seriously, my husband had his head ripped off about 5 times alone yesterday and god knows what today will bring!! Thanks for this list and giving me new ways to drive him crazy when it is the time of the month or just for the hell of it. You are the best :)

  3. I clicked on one of the lists for annoying the hubby, and I must try asking a ton of questions next time hubby wants me to watch something stupid with him. Yes! I love it, annoy him and maybe he wont ask so much!

  4. Very funny my favourite has to be hiding the loo roll! My husband has the audacity to actually ask is it the time of month when I am in the zone given my moods. This is the perfect list to sign post him from now on ;0)

  5. I can’t even. The straw in the armpit. I’m dying.

    I believe my best tactic for dealing with PMS has long been hiding the credit card from myself. I self-medicate with cut sweaters for my dog. No one wins when that happens.