Our Return Visit to the Coffee Shop

And the Winner is: KATE BARTEE! Send me an email at [email protected] with your mailing address, and that 100 ounce coffee mug is all yours! Congratulations!

I was in Michigan visiting my family last week, and my sister-in-law (the trashy one) and I decided it was time to get mom back to that coffee shop.

You know the one…

The same coffee shop where I had that little “incident” – caused by my trashy sister-in-law – that has resulted in my mom having to use the coffee shop drive through for the past 8 years or so.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please read this story. It is wonderful and funny and my mom hates it.

And if you don’t go back and read it, the rest of this will make no sense to you, and that will make me sad. So – just read it.

Several things have changed since that morning so many years ago.

First of all, I am no longer a runner. And I actually think it’s quite shocking that I ever ran a marathon in the first place. (Not as shocking as the stripper and the breastmilk, but still pretty shocking.)

Second of all, I have children – and so does my sister-in-law.

Third of all, the coffee shop is no longer called Beaner’s – it is now called Biggby Coffee – but the husband and wife owners that I went to high school with remain the same. (Hi Matt and Denise! Sorry again for throwing up in your coffee shop – and outside your Roly Poly! and sorry that we couldn’t hang out while I was in town!)

My mom wasn’t thrilled with going back – and she really didn’t trust Holli (my sister-in-law) and me to behave ourselves.

At first, she was only willing to go through the drive through.

Coffee Shop Drive Through with my life and kids

But Holli and I said it was time for her to face her fears. So we (literally) forced her through the doors.

Forcing my mom into Biggy Coffee from My Life and Kids

She went straight to the bathroom.

So Holli and I ordered our drinks.

My Life and Kids at Biggby Coffee with a Strange Man

And we waited.

Drinking and flexing at Biggby Coffee from My Life and Kids

And we waited.

She finally emerged after about 10 minutes.

My Mom at Biggby Coffee in Jackson Michigan

So of course I helped her drink.

Helping mom drink at Biggby Coffee

Eventually, Holli and I were able to convince her to take the paper bag off of her head. I gave a toast in honor of her bravery.

Cheers with Mom from My Life and Kids

And then Holli and I just couldn’t resist, so we re-enacted the entire puking scene.

Throwing up at a coffee shop in Jackson Michigan

Only this time I had an actual bag – and Holli was able to hold my hair back for me – which I thought was nice.

That made my mom leave.

And my daughter was pretty embarrassed too.

Alice is embarrassed from My Life and Kids

But Holli and I were having so much fun, we couldn’t just leave it at that.

So we recreated the Roly Poly incident too.

Throwing up in front of Roly Poly

And – yes – that was one of the 10 best days of my life, in case you were wondering.

There’s just something so magical about getting my mom all riled up.

And now she says after our behavior AGAIN – she’s back to the drive through for the rest of her life.

Why My Mom Has to Use the Drive Through at Biggby Coffee

And now I have a treat for you:

While I was at my favorite coffee shop in Jackson, MI – I purchased a 100-ounce travel mug. And I’m giving it away to one of you this week because… AWESOME!

All you have to do is leave a comment, and one of you will receive this special treat on your doorstep.


Good luck!

This post is NOT sponsored by Biggby Coffee. I’m sure Matt and Denise wish I hadn’t stopped by to recreate the scene. Sorry again, guys!

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132 thoughts on “Our Return Visit to the Coffee Shop

  1. Omg – I about died AGAIN!!!!!! Oh your poor mum. But I’m sorry Anna’s mum – that has to be my favourite post of all time – I literally giggle like a schoolgirl whenever I read it!!! And now we have re-enactments to laugh over (I used to be the Queen of re-enactments when I was younger aka before kids – so this is even funnier for me!)

  2. I will continue to be in prayer for your mom. Please remind her that we can believe that our grandchildren will turn out exactly like their parents!

  3. I love your mom and she is such a good sport. Seriously you too are too funny though and how did I know you would do something like recreate it to drive your mom crazy. This was truly an awesome Monday morning post. Thanks for the great start to my day now!!

  4. Oh how awesome!!

    Wish I could have a mug like that. May have to order it online, as we don’t have that here (living in NZ and all that haha)

  5. Oh my word Anna! I love you! This is too funny! I only wish I had been there to catch up with you! Warn me next time you stop in. I love reading your blog, and can almost see the smirk on your silly face as you write all your daily adventures.

  6. Oh, girl, you’ve done it again. Another chapter for the book!!! Your mom is the BEST, no doubt about it!!! I drink just about enough coffee in a day to fill that cup! Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle! Dona

  7. I loved your story the first time I read it and to hear that you reenacted it is the icing on the cake. Plain old awesome. Now I want to see what Mom is going to say about it!

  8. Your mom is so funny. Love the fun that you all have together. Thanks for sharing with photos. πŸ™‚ Hi Linda

  9. My kids always look at me like I’m crazy because every morning I read your blog and laugh hysterically at my phone!! I could live in small coffee shops. Yes, I find one everywhere we go! πŸ™‚ maybe I should try to embarrass my kids in one by doing the same!! Thank you for sharing the funny stories in your life!! πŸ™‚

  10. Hahahaha!! You crack me up! Your mom is too funny! One day, your daughter will look back and laugh, and if not, she can flip the tables and throw up in a coffee shop you frequent, and then you will have to use the drive-through for the rest of your life πŸ˜‰

  11. I came across your blog through pinterest and it directly linked up to “the story”. I was laughing so hard last night I was crying and my husband thought I had lost it. I couldn’t even explain the story because I was laughing so hard. He didn’t understand. Your story has got to be one of the funniest I’ve ever heard!

  12. OMG!!! I love everyone of your posts you make me laugh till my sides hurt and I am crying like a baby. I share your posts everyday. Thank you for bringing us into your life and sharing with us.

  13. I love it! This is one of my favorite stories. I will be checking back to see if your mom comments.

    I would love the coffee mug, especially this week since my son has taken to getting up with the sun…

  14. Oh my. I needed that story today. It made me giggle-snort. Hubby left for a trip to Boston and my oldest son started kindergarten this morning. All topped off with pregnancy hormones and I’ve been a mess. That mug is awesome! It would be great for those, “I have six kids and never, ever get to sleep.” kind of days.

  15. OMG–hilarious!!! I could see my mom reacting the same way in our smallish, Colorado town where everyone knows everyone-and where we are related to half of them!!! Your blog is great!

  16. I think I have a girl Crush on you!! Lol. I read ur emails the min I get up and forward them to my friends that are to lazy/ and or dumb to sign up for your blog!

  17. Hilarious! Every time I read it…next time you are at a Beaner’s (Biggby) ask for my drink…Lissa’s Luscious Latte, named after me and it’s delicious!

  18. I love this story. And the photos are wicked awesome. I want to be your friend, lol.
    It makes me think of the plan my best friend and I have. We saw it float around Facebook, but we’re actually going to do it the next time we see each other. I’m going to tell the barista at Starbucks that my name is Primrose Everdeen, and when they call my name, I’m going to shout “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!”
    That, and we have puking stories.
    Anyway. 100 ounces of coffee is like my ideal day, so I really really really want this mug.

  19. HAHA your poor mother.

    Okay two things – 1, I LOVE your hair and I’m totally jealous every time you post a picture of yourself. 2, where did you get that adorable green and white chevron purse? Please say the internet considering I love miles and miles away from you.

  20. The original story cracked me up and your Mom is quite the trooper. I think mine would have disowned me years ago!

  21. You. Crack. Me. Up!!!!! I love you, your mom, and your trashy sister-in-law! Thank you for making my work day bearable by describing one of the funniest vomit stories I’ve ever heard. But I am curious about a stripper shooting someone with breastmilk. That’s all kinds of messed up.

  22. Love, love, love! I’m pretty sure my mom and your mom are the same person in two bodies…and I want that cup! I think it would be perfect for my husband for our 8th wedding anniversary in a few weeks. He thinks it’s fun to write “Coffee” on census forms when they ask “Religion”.

  23. *mommybladder laughs evilly, wrings hands and twirls mustache in menacing fashion, and prepares for 100 oz of fun!*

  24. your mom’s expression in the first drive-thru picture is awesome. you should do a caption contest!!

  25. Such a funny story! Don’t know that I have had a great top 10 day in my life that involved repeatedly puking, but it was certainly fun to read about. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the opportunity to win that awesome cup. 100oz is a LOT of coffee! hahahaha

  26. Seriously – I knew better than to even get in the car with you two…and then you said you just wanted a couple of pictures of Jackson….then you and Holli start your evil laughing and then before I know it you are dragging me into Biggby’s….but you promised to buy and NOT VOMIT….and then before I know it you two are making a scene and taking all these pictures…..which was bad enough….so the bag helped. SO I survived that – but that just wasn’t enough for you was it???? You just had to re-do the vomiting scene and then – THE OUTSIDE RE-CREATION????? That was over the top for sure. To tell you the truth – the only reason I agreed to go was to be with my favorite Princess ….which would be your daughter – in case you wonder.
    And I still have to say – I just don’t get why this is so funny. I read the original one yet again and I still don’t see it……

  27. Hi-larious!! What I love is the guy standing at the counter with the pack of chew in his back pocket! How awesome is that?? Your Mom and SIL are such good sports, funny too!

  28. Your Mom is awesome, can she be my Mom too? I love that she brought the bag, and I love that it’s multi-generational now!

  29. My ass is cracking up! And the fact that your mom fails to see the humor is doubly hilarious. It’s okay mom, we’re not laughing AT you. We’re laughing near you. πŸ™‚

  30. This cracks me up! I love you posts because they are so totally me…and your moms responses….i dig thru the comments just to find them!

  31. I think I just peed a little. I LOVE your posts. I taught my children the wonderful way of armpit farts with a straw. I think I almost embarrassed the Hubs. O_O Yes! The man that stinks me out of MY damn bedroom almost nightly. It.Was.Awesome. πŸ™‚

  32. I haven’t harassed my mother like that in a while, but there have been times when she has been so flustered she has to run through “the list” to remember my name. I’m the fifth child so it takes a minute before she gets to me.

  33. 100 oz mug? Just think of the things you could fill that baby with.

    Also – that mug would be quite handy if the pukes ever strike again.

  34. I love mom torture… It’s something siblings…even married in ones, can come together on..ah such joy!

    I’m on my phone now…but am busting out the laptop just to read all the comments..

  35. That was fun and fabulous, Anna! Wish I had been in Jxn while you were in town! Is Holli from there too? I’d love that mug, we have Beaners…I mean Biggby’s everywhere in Lansing too. (:

  36. VERY VERY VERY funny!! thx Anna’s mum for being such a good sport – maybe she should get the big giant mug???

  37. This is amazing! I use to work at Beaners. I have had some crazy coustomer experiences but I can’t imagine wittnessing that happen.

  38. I love your spirit. Stay young and immature because life is more fun that way. Enjoy the laughter. Thanks for sharing

  39. Our Biggby went out of business after just a few short months. I’m thinking something like this might have actually helped them stay open a little longer…you know, given them something to advertise and promote other than coffee. I’ve never understood the concept of a coffee shop in the UP. Everyone knows that most Yoopers buy their coffee at the gas station.

    I absolutely LOVE the photos.

  40. I literally cried the first time I read this and then made my husband listen to me read it to him as I was crying and barely able to form actual words!

  41. I live in Cincy (Hyde Park) and the coffee shop story is HANDS DOWN my favorite post (besides the honking story) and I am thrilled that you provided a even funnier follow up. Ummm..that’s the best mug EVER! That’s enough coffee to get me through 9:30 a.m. until the next refill:) Hello first day of school!

  42. I love the original story and the fact the re-enacted it is priceless! Thanks for the laugh πŸ™‚

  43. Oh man, I just laughed so hard I almost puked! Brings back memories of my sister causing tequila to violently shoot out of my nose…That travel mug? I need that. Well, my husband does but then if I gave it to him I could be a hero to him. And who doesn’t need (to be) a hero??

  44. You mean on my doorstep delivered by you personally and I could hear your stories in person and you could see my dirty house and meet my perfect neighbor and I could tell you about my crazy family and and and and……I just need adult time obviously! Love love reading your blog! It makes me feel like I’m not so crazy after all! πŸ™‚

  45. My best friend from high school and I would of so done this to my mother. The other thing is I don’t live too far from Jackson. Just the capital city πŸ™‚

  46. What a lovely — blurgh — story!! I wish I had a cool sister-in-law and I absolutely have to push that envelope with my mom too. Its an every day bucket list scratcher for me….

  47. Ha! The paper bag is awesome! And that one pic of your Mom where you and she are clicking cups is especially priceless because her expression is filled with so much trepidation! You guys are all so funny!

  48. First time commenter, long time reader. My SIL would love to do something like that. A good SIL and a trashy one at that is worth her weight in chocolate. Do you know how much diet coke I could put in that mug? Okay, 100 oz. but you get my point. Thank you for always making my day!

  49. OMG!!! Laughing so hard I cried!! Loved your original post when I first read it and love that you re-enacted! Your poor dear mother! I hope she is at least proud of what a great blogger you are. I love starting my day reading one of your tales. πŸ™‚ keep it up!

  50. omg – the reenactment is even funnier than the original! love you and love your blog! thanks for sharing

  51. That first picture of you and your mom in the drive through is great! She looks just like that picture of Even Steven that you use all of the time! Glad you got her to go back! πŸ™‚

  52. hysterical! thanks for those posts, i am on a road trip that’s turning into an episode of gilligan’s island and really, REALLY needed a laugh!

  53. Re-read the original coffee shop incident and I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I need to be medicated… Too funny!

  54. I followed your advice and read the original puke post first and all I can say is that I am SUPER grateful I read it whilst on the potty. I don’t remember laughing that hard at a blog post! “Stop it! Anna, stop it!” And then the follow-up pictures!! Just a little slice of amazing. Hugs to your mom xo

  55. OMG My mother is embarrassed by me ALL the time. I talk too loud, make comments, and generally play around. SHe’s always saying “Stop it” which just makes me louder all the more. Poor mom.

  56. On Beth’s recommendation I read both stories to my hubby and the one about “10 things I didn’t know about my body”. We both laughed so hard we had tears streaming down our faces. I could hardly read it. Can’t wait to share with the girls at work. We could use a good laugh there! This is the first I’ve seen your blog, but loved it.

  57. I’m a fairly new follower of your blog and I absolutely love it! When I see that you have a new post, I don’t open it until I have a yummy coffee and am daughter free for at least 15 minutes. It’s like my guilty pleasure that I savor and look forward to! Love this story! Thank you for sharing your life! You are awesome!!

  58. omg, I laughed so hard at both your stories, that I nearly puked myself. Luckily I’m at home, there are no full glass windows and I’m near a bathroom – so its all good!

  59. Totally sounds like something I would do!!! Anything to embarrass my mom as pay back for all those years she lived to humiliate me πŸ™‚

    Oh, and… PICK ME! PICK ME! :))

  60. I need a 100 ounces of liquid so I can pee my pants when I sneeze like every other mother with 4 kids does.

  61. Your mum sounds surprisingly like my mum. And I thought I was the only one! (Despite having a sister who’s totally the fave). Love your writing style. Keep up the good work! (& hilarious pics!)

  62. Oh my goodness. I laughed so hard at this post. If I win the mug, I think I will laugh everytime I look at it. How fun!

  63. That is hilarious and that mug is awesome! My husband would absolutely flip over it! He loves huge cups!

  64. my girl has the exact same Rapunzel flip-flops! this was her reward for using the potty FT. no pull ups. she picked them out. i’m not above bribery. it’s where we turned the corner. i LOVE those flip-flops almost as much as, if not more than, she does.
    i also love that gigantic mug. my hipster coffee joint would die if i walked in with something like that for a “refill”. the look on their faces would be precious…

  65. Not sure if the contest is still on, but I HAD to leave you a comment about the story. Props to your mom for her bravery, but that is one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard. πŸ™‚

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