Now I Know Who I Look Like

I oftentimes see people that I think look like me. And everyone else disagrees.

While Watching TV

It’s not uncommon for me to pause a commercial and say to Even Steven:

“Oh my gosh – I look exactly like her.”

Do I Look Like Her?

And he will say, “No you don’t.”

While Watching Movies

Or – I’ll be watching a movie and say to my mom:

“Do you think I look like her? Is that what I look like?”

Do I look like her?

And she will say, “No. Not at all, actually.”

While In Restaurants

Or – I’ll be in a restaurant, and I’ll say to a friend:

“I look exactly like that girl at the bar.”

Do I look like her?

And my friend will say, “Sorry, but no.”

Yes – I have looked in the mirror before, but apparently I still have no clue what I really look like.

Until now.

Even Steven sent me an email from work a couple of months ago: “You’re on the front page of the Weather Channel website.”

Within minutes, I got a similar email from my mom, “Wow – I totally thought that was you on the Weather Channel website.”

I clicked over, and I did a double-take

I Look Like Her

Apparently, I look like a woman who just gave birth in her car while she, her husband and her toddler were stranded for 12 hours in a snowstorm.

And I have to say – I think she looks pretty good for having an unmedicated childbirth in her car, while her toddler watched.

At least now I know who I look like…


Image credit, commercial.

Image credit, movie.

Image credit, weather channel.

15 comments on “Now I Know Who I Look Like

  1. Oh my – that is so totally me… except I used to ask EVERYBODY – “dont look now but is my bum bigger than hers” (points to poor unsuspecting random person on the street) – or “do my ears stick out like…..” Hope you had a good weekend xx Nat

  2. Yeppers, she DOES sort of look like you! But you know what’s funny? Before I even READ this post, I saw the ad for some boxing thing to the right of your post & thought, “WHAT???? Is Even Steven a BOXER???? That sure looks like him!” Check it out, ‘K? He may have a dual life going on, Anna! BWAHAHAHA!

  3. O.M.G. -also, that guy holding the baby, looks EXACTLY like Even Steven!

  4. Ooops. The darned boxing event ad disappeared. I SWEAR it was there. I guess they change.

  5. Did you notice that your baby mama not only birthed a baby in the car with her toddler looking on, but apparently had just completed the vacuuming as seen in picture one.

  6. I totally relate to this post. I’m ususally asking “am I as fat as that person”? The answer is never good either way. I just recently found your blog, Anna and it always gives me a good laugh! Many thanks for that!!

  7. I see the resemblance! So funny, I never think I look like anyone, but whenever I meet people they always tell me that I look familiar. So I guess I don’t know what I look like, either. And yeah, that lady looks damn good for having just given birth in such a fashion.

  8. Of course your mother would be perusing the weather channel’s website! She was probably preparing to send her children informative message about the weather in their respective corners of the country. I think this should be the subject of your next post about your mother. I have a transcript of a voicemail she left me if you need it.

  9. Hahaha…I have the opposite problem. People are always telling me, “Oh, you look like Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” “Did you know you look exactly like Sabrina the Teenage Witch?” “You know that girl, Melissa Joan Hart? Yeah, well, you remind me of her.” “You’re a writer? I thought you were an actress? Do you still know magic?”
    To which, I always reply, “I thought I was more of an Uma Thurman type.”
    And then everyone’s always like, “ You look like that witch girl from TGIF years ago.”
    I can’t win. At this point, I’ll take, “You look like a woman who just birthed a child in a Buick.” Rock on sister…

  10. i;m crying so hard i can barely type….that is goddamned awesome!!!!!

  11. I’m a fairly new groupie here…yes groupie because I think you are so amazingly awesome…but I’ve thought you look a little like Piper Perabo too! Me, well, I look amazingly like Julia Roberts or Julianne Moore…if you only look at my red hair! But hey, a girl can dream! :)

  12. Ha! This post was funny…and look at all the similar situations it evoked! Keep track of that…and how many people think you’re funny. I’ll get you convinced to write that book!

    Doubt if you remember Dobie Gillis, but maybe some readers do. I looked just like Zelda. Everyone said so. Not necessarily a good thing.

  13. Holy shit I just LOLed for a good 5 minutes and made my husband read this post. Hilarious.

  14. OMG, this is hilarious! I clicked over here from TipJunkie because I had to know what this post was about when I saw the title. SO funny.