Nanny’s Slimming Secrets

Nanny is 105

Meet my great-grandmother. Nanny celebrated her 105th birthday in September. She’s feisty, funny – and still living alone.

When she was in her 80′s (20 years ago!) she decided to go on a diet. She started riding the exercise bike in her apartment complex, and she started drinking Slimfast shakes.

After about a week, she called my mom to discuss the new diet.

My Mom: How are the shakes going?

Nanny: Well, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep this up.

My Mom: I’ve heard it’s not easy.

Nanny: I just don’t know how people do this. I am just so full all the time.

My Mom: You’re full??? Most people are really hungry. What do you mean, you’re full?

Nanny: Well – it’s really hard to drink those shakes in-between my regular meals!

18 comments on “Nanny’s Slimming Secrets

  1. OMG – that was funny – I literally snorted at the last line!

    Wow 105 – that is amazing xx Nat

  2. hahaha! bless her heart! how awesome that she is 105 and still living alone…oh the things she must have seen in her life! but tell me, does she have big calves too?

  3. How wonderful she must be, you are so lucky to have her!

  4. Wow…my Great Grandma died shortly after she turned 100 about 6 years ago, I thought THAT was awesome. So funny runs in the family…LOL.

  5. Thanks for the laugh! 105?! that is amazing, I want to know all your Nanny’s secrets! I just found your site the other day and I am so glad I did, you are so funny and have a great way of sharing stories.

  6. Hilarious! I think even I could succeed at that Slimfast diet. :)

  7. So funny! Shes obviously doing something right! When I was younger my mom used to go to weight watchers meetings. She went with a group of friends and on their way home they would reward themselves for going by going to the dairy queen on their way home. Needless to say weight is still a struggle!

  8. How cute is she? Love that she still is able to live on her own at 105. Go Granny Go!

  9. well, if she’s made it to 105, the diet must work! Wonder if Slim Fast would like to use her in their ads? Unbelievable…105 and still lives alone. Wow. Just more to be impressed about with your family!