More About My Mother

More about my mother

You know she’s a brilliant liar.

You know that I drive her nuts, and she LOVES Crisco.

But you should also know…

She’s Greek. And she’s a counselor.

Have you ever spent time with a Greek person? Or have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Meet my mother.

Now, add in her counselor training, and you have an even better picture of my mother.

More about my mother

She’s wildly dramatic, outgoing, hilarious – and she wants to talk about your emotions.

She often brought her lying ways to work with her as an elementary school counselor, and I would find myself talking to young students in her office.

“Your mom told me that you used to poop your pants at school too.”

No – actually – I never pooped my pants in the 5th grade. Not ever. But I’m glad that my mom told you that I did in order to make you feel better.

“Your mom says you cry all the time too.”

Really? Nope – I don’t actually, but whatever she needs to tell you to feel better.

“Your mom told me that you used to forget to shower and use deodorant in 5th grade too.”

Hmmm….. not that I can remember, but I can see where this lie was really helpful in starting the conversation.

“Your mom said that you used to get lice all the time too.”

Totally true.

“Your mom said that your dad is in prison too.”

Ummm…. no. Not at all actually.

You can read more about my mom here.

And be sure to check back tomorrow for an exciting announcement (and, no, I’m not pregnant)!

16 comments on “More About My Mother

  1. Okay now listen- I’m pretty sure that I only used the poop your pants thing once – and it DID make the little girl feel better…but I NEVER even implied that your Dad was in prison!! And yes, I did use you and your brother as examples once in awhile because they adored you and it helped them to see that you survived troubles and therefore they could too. How did I know that they would bring it up in the grocery store when we would run in to them? Ha! Even now I will get asked “how are Nicholas Picholas and Anna Banana?” when I run in to former students in Meijers….thanks for the memories this morning – I think! Love Mom

  2. Well I happen to know Anna’s mom! Yes she is hilarious,Greek and I can so see her lying to make those kids feel better! She would never want a human soul to be hurting. I can bet you, Anna you are becoming your mom more every day! You both crack me up.. and yes with Greek women comes drama! Lindsey, Marina are you listening?

  3. I love posts about your mom, thanks for a good laugh to start off my day!

  4. Having worked with you mom for ten years I know that drama. And miss it terribly. We did a lot of laughing in that little office. And the day she recorded Regis over your wedding video! And called a young man whose last name was Underwood and she mistakenly called for @ Underpants to the office please ruining the young mans life forever. need more? I have pictures too! Love and miss you Linda. It was the best job ever. Because of you.

  5. Oh Anna, I soooo could’ve used your mom in 5th grade! That was an awful year. I’m sure those kids needed to hear those things, although I would’ve been absolutely mortified to have someone come up and say any of those things to me! Beautiful pictures of your mom and daughter!

  6. An addition to your post: Your mom is a true beauty! Really! I NEVER looked that good! She’s also a HOOT just like her daughter who I love to pieces. Tell you a secret and it ISN’T to make you feel sorry for ME (‘CAUSE I DON’T FEEL SORRY) or ‘guilty’ for your fun post about your mom (‘CAUSE ANYONE WHO IS DUMB ENOUGH TO THINK YOU’RE DISSING YOUR AWESOME MOM IS – WELL – A MORON) but because it’s simply a fact. My mother never lied about me. She FLAT OUT TOLD ME from as early as I can remember that I was 1. WAY too ugly looking to be HER child, 2. worthless, 3. stupid because I loved learning things (UHHHHHH????) and 4. that she wished I had died at birth. So NOW you know why I LOVE your mommy AND YOU!

  7. Awe yes …. Your greek mother ( AKA Bunco Queen) and her Anna and Nick therapy sessions. She has comforted and healed many students over her years as a counselor and she definately knew when and what to say :). Yes this Greek lady has a definate personality that can make anyone smile on their worst of days. Yes Anna you are blessed to have a Fun loving mother who has made many people laugh ( to the point of wetting their pants)! I also think she can comfortably say she has a daughter who is just like her :). Be proud of that Anna and please dont stop with the great mom stories.

  8. And she’s the BEST, too, isn’t she? Right? I KNOW you’d never want anyone else. She and her daughter…both the best!

  9. So mom never imagined you would run into Susie at Meijers and Susie would share her newfound knowledge about YOU back to you? Mom’s mind must be BLOWN that you are rehashing it all-for our pleasure- on a blog for the whole universe to enjoy. Funny how that stuff comes back to bite one on the butt in a whole new digital way. I love that your mom defends herself….I’m not sure if I love your blog or your mom’s comments more. As for 5th grade and counseling moms….my mom was our school nurse and my dad was the principal. I’m not making that up. Mom didn’t tell others odd stories about me but then it would have been super weird since the principal was my daddy. However, 5th and 6th grade were still rough because of the “sexuality” talk given by my mom. Oh, and she gave my sister lice but I lucked out.

  10. Umm…that may have been the most hilarious thing ever, I mean, I totally feel for you, but “Your dad’s in prison too.” …priceless. Just priceless. I already have great respect for your mom.

  11. LOL! My husband used to tell people he Dad was in jail all the time, gas attendants and so on. It’s hilarious that your mom was the volunteered of false info. Great post!! You make me laugh!!

  12. I actually told MY mom about YOUR mom because I love reading your posts about her so much. PS, my mom is NOTHING like your mom. Wish she were in at least a few ways, because your mom sounds like a blast!