Messy House Edition: Is it Chocolate Syrup?

My Life and Kids Messy House Edition

Messy House Owner: Debbie from Wrinkled Mommy

Debbie says:
These photos were taken when I “thought” my son was taking his nap. Obviously he was not taking his nap.

Pictures of messy houses what your kid did when you thought he was napping

At first glance, I thought we were dealing with permanent marker on a desk. Annoying – but nothing a little toothpaste can’t fix.

See pictures of messy houses things kids do when napping kid mess

Then I realized that this was NOT magic marker. Maybe chocolate syrup?

Pictures of messy houses

And now I am telling myself that it MUST be chocolate syrup. Right? Please let it be chocolate syrup!

Thanks for sharing your pictures Debbie! Be sure to stop by Wrinkled Mommy for a very cool look at Life & Parenting – Illustrated.

Remember – Life isn’t Pinterest-Perfect – and our houses don’t need to be either!

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6 thoughts on “Messy House Edition: Is it Chocolate Syrup?

  1. Yes – it is chocolate syrup. Haha. And that carpet never cleaned up that well so we ended up replacing it. Kids are silly, silly, little creatures. Thanks for sharing my messy photos.

  2. This kind of syrup is hard to clean and the ants will come inside your home because its too sweet…I think you have to tell to your son that don’t do this again..

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