Me VS Him – Why My Mom Likes My Brother the Best

I always joke that my mom likes my brother the best, but I think it’s time to show you why. A comparison of our lives last week should give you a better idea of why my mom thinks he’s so great.

Me versus My Brother

Last week, I went to the grocery store and was excited to see that the hot dogs we like to eat were on sale. SCORE!

On that same day, my brother boarded an OCEARCH boat as a shark expert participating in #ExpeditionCapeCode.


Last week, I had a hard time deciding which pair of black yoga pants to wear to the playground. The bootcut or the barely bootcut… It was a tough choice. And, in a move that surprised even me, I went with shorts instead.

On that same day, my brother helped to catch and tag a Great White Shark. They named her Betsy.


Last week, I cleaned all three of my toilets – and I mopped my kitchen floor. No one noticed.

And my brother wrote a blog post about what sharks really do during a hurricane (Hint: It’s not Sharknado). His blog post was picked up by no less than four news outlets.

Nick Whitney Sharknado

Last week, I was excited to use my Kroger fuel points to get $0.10 off every gallon of gas I bought. I spent $100 at Target to celebrate.

And on that same day, my brother helped to capture and tag ANOTHER Great White Shark, named Katherine.


Tagging Shark

Last week on Facebook, I shared a coupon code to get a great deal on yummy body wash. (Click here and use code Y2LINQ, by the way.)

And my brother was featured on Facebook in an OCEARCH caption contest.

Nick Whitney Caption Contest

489 people chimed in with their captions, and there were a few that even I have to mention.

This is one of my favorites, for obvious reasons.
My Favorite for Obvious Reasons

My Mom got a little excited during the caption contest. Can you hear her excitement through your computer?
My Mom is So Proud of My Brother

My Mom Was In Her Element

And the one that should have WON!
The Clear WINNER

You can read all 489 of them right here.

So – while cheap hot dogs, discount gas, clean toilets and a coupon code for body wash are fine – I think we can all agree that catching Great White sharks and writing blog posts referencing Sharknado is a little cooler.

Thinking of taking a dip in the ocean? Track the sharks they’ve tagged here.

You can watch my brother’s Ted Talk here. Yes, he gave a Ted Talk.

You can follow my brother on Facebook here.

If you post something on his wall, you’re bound to hear from my mother. While she never posts anything on my Facebook page – she LOVES to comment on his.

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17 thoughts on “Me VS Him – Why My Mom Likes My Brother the Best

  1. Does your brother have kids? The one that gives grandkids is always the favorite! But if he has kids, all hope might be lost! πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry Nick I think Anna more exciting and fun sharks freak me out. But I’ll follow you anyways just to see what Moms post. Love you site Anna and this post. Should I go harass your brother and his bright yellow ‘man in the yellow from curious George’ rain coat?

  3. Gotta admit, your brother’s job is pretty rad. But what kind of giveaway’s would he have? Protective underwater chain mail? Chum? Shark bait? Not as appealing….

  4. Just reading this post again before bed and I have to say – isn’t your brother just the handsomest thing? And he is nice too. Great combination if you ask me. Anyway, I did get a bit carried away with the “name your caption” post….so I quit commenting besides – I just couldn’t keep up. Your brother would have called me from the red phone and told me to STOP anyway so I cut myself off …..
    But – you are my favorite daughter so that’s something. Call me – not now – in the morning – I have an idea for a blog post – about your brother . Love you!

  5. Clean toilets are definitely something to be proud of! I absolutely hate cleaning the toilets so it’s a huge accomplishment when they’re clean (and actually stay clean for longer than week).

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