Just Another Lie My Mother Told Me (Part III)

When I was 8 years old, I wanted to go to Disney World. I wanted it SO BAD! I had dreams about it. I pretended that I was there. All of my Barbies went on trips to Disney World. I just had to go.

I begged my parents to take us there for summer vacation.

My Mom: That sounds like such a great idea! Why don’t you do some research on it? We’ll need to know where to stay, where to eat, what to do when we’re there. There’s a lot of research that goes into a trip like this!

Anna: Really? We can go?

Mom: Of course we can go! I bought you a special Disney World notebook and a folder. You do the research, find out how much it’s going to cost, and we’ll go.

I spent an ENTIRE SUMMER researching Disney World. This was before Al Gore invented the Internet, so it really did take me all summer.

I checked out books from the library. I sent away for brochures and magazines. I knew which hotel we should stay in, which shuttle to take from the airport…

I created packing lists for each of us. I asked my grandparents if they could watch our dog.

I even found out that when we walk into the park, we should turn LEFT to avoid the crowds – because everyone goes to the right.

I was very proud of my research and my full notebook and folder full of our vacation plans.

That should have been me

Guess who never got to go to Disney World?

Now that I’m a mom, I at least lied to my kids about Disney World in a MUCH nicer way!

21 comments on “Just Another Lie My Mother Told Me (Part III)

  1. I kept waiting for punchline about how she at least gave you a Disney World-themed birthday party or something, but this was just mean! What the heck? My own mom always tells the story about how she wanted to play drums when she was little, but my grandma told her she would have to haul the whole big freaking drum set to and from school every day is she really wanted to play. Being 6 years old, this obviously wasn’t possible (and still wouldn’t be at 56 years old.) Needless to say, she’s still bitter ;)

  2. hahaha! you’re mom’s awesome. I would do this to my kids to make them shutup and leave me alone all summer!

  3. Love the Al Gore reference.

    Kara’s mom didn’t let her go to Paris in college with her friend that was fluent in French because “She would have many opportunities later to go.” Total lie. Not just something that turned out not to be true, but a lie at the time it was stated.

  4. So Sad.
    When I was young my mom once told me that if I got all A’s on my report card then I could be on the Barney TV Show. WTF? We didn’t even live in LA, or anywhere near! What a crazy way to get me to get good grades.
    But it worked.
    Then when I was 16 she said all A’s and I could get my belly button pierced. That one actually happened and now I have a lovely scar to remind me of that wonderfully smart choice.
    Still, better than having video of me on Barney. Thanks Mom.

  5. That’s just mean! She couldn’t have invented another rare gene that would make you die if you got too close to Mickey Mouse?

  6. Oh, girl, I FE-E-E-E-E-E-L your pain! ‘course I’m a little older, so it was Disneyland in CA. We LIVED in CA! I was like 7 years old when it opened! We WATCHED the Disney show on TV (not to mention the Mickey Mouse Club)! And do you think I EVER got to go? NEVER! MY kids have gone! But me? NEVER! And now I suppose you could say I was too old. I say?? NEVER!!!!!

    But I do hand it to your mom…..great way to keep you busy. But still…..there should have been a payoff! I know!! She can take ALL of US!!!! How ’bout it, mom??

  7. Oh.my.goodness…too funny! I remember when I was 15 my parents told me we could get a pool in our backyard (like a real, in ground pool, not a cheesy above ground from Wal-mart pool) if only I just did my research and took care of the details. I called every pool person in the phone book that summer and had all kinds of plans but guess what, we never got a pool. Man, those parents can be disappointing sometimes! Maybe they just do it to keep us busy, or maybe they have no idea what they are consenting to. Either way, the lesson learned is that life is full of disappointments…especially when your parents lie to you.

  8. Sad, just sad…my parents never gave me hope, it was just a no…I don’t know what is worse…hmmm…You should make her take your kids NOW and you go on your own vaca. as a little payback…that sounds fun :)

  9. Hi I just stumbled by your blog but I was amazed how you were telling my life story. It was so funny in a sense to know that I am not alone. It has been some 30 plus years and I now have two kids of my own and still no Disney. I always told my parents that even if I’m 80 years old I’ll get there someday and I mean it ;)

  10. Don’t worry your not alone experiencing that lie.. But I bet you had a great time with the research.. And it is still not too late to have that vacation dream of yours.. Disney World is for all ages.. I will check out your part I and II..

  11. I did this with a whole class of kids as an assignment for going to Williamsburg, VA during the Bicentennial Celebrations of 1976 BUT the kids knew we could not take a trip like that but it was fun to compare the different modes of travel, what it would cost, where we could stay, how many chaperones we would need, who we would ask to accompany us and most of all, what we would see and learn.
    I would NEVER have a child go through this exercise if I didn’t plan to take them or the knew beforehand that it was simply an exercise or “make-believe”.

  12. Oh no! You know, it’s things like that that you never, ever forget and you remind your parents for the rest of your life!

    My parents had to get rid of our dog because she wasn’t doing well in our house. They told me she went to a farm and my husband insists it wasn’t really a farm. It would break my heart to know if that wasn’t really true, but I’m too scared to ask now!

  13. I can’t even believe this! Oh my goodness, that’s just mean. I would never do that to me kids, just awful.