I {Finally} Painted Our Fireplace

Can you believe it?

After nearly a year of thinking about it, blogging about it, asking your advice about it… I FINALLY painted the fireplace!

Before I show you the pictures, let’s take a look back, shall we?

It all Started With a Vote

Way back in July, our fireplace looked like this:

Every single part of it was driving me crazy (the clutter! the cords! the books!), and I asked your opinion on whether or not we should paint the brick white. The answer was a nearly unanimous YES!

You can read the entire post here.

And you can read the follow up post here (where I photoshopped myself into Young House Love’s living room).

And then I got really busy doing things like making farting noises with a straw in my armpit, and I never got around to painting.

So rather than paint the fireplace, I redecorated it and organized the books.

And it looked like this:

You can read the full redecorating post here.

That made a huge difference, but I was still wanting white brick.

So I finally painted it!

And then on a whim, I picked up a gallon of masonry primer this weekend and got to work. It only took me two naptimes and three coats of paint, and it made such a difference!

Painted Fireplace

One more before and after…

Painted Fireplace

And, in case you wondered – this is how I look with my new fireplace. (At least, I’m pretty sure this is how I look…)

Me With My Fireplace

Thanks for sticking with me on yet another project that took me nearly a year to wrap up.

Did You Follow all That?

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30 thoughts on “I {Finally} Painted Our Fireplace

  1. Anna, how come when I painted my brick fireplace, and I took my pic in front of it, my body did not look like that? lmao!!!!!! love it! Seriously we have a brick fireplace too, and painting it was the best thing I ever did!

  2. Looks great!! :)

    Don’t take this the wrong way but you should really stop photoshopping your head onto my body.

    (ok, I lie. It’s not my body.)

  3. I LOVE it!! Looks great. I loved the first “after” where you redecorated, too. I like our actual fireplace well enough, but we also have our TV on the mantel and I hate it. Too many wires, game consoles/controllers, wires, etc, etc, etc. I need to figure out a way to organize all that crap. Good job!

  4. Anna, this looks soooo great! What a wonderful way to kick off spring. You did a such a good job not only on painting, but your decor looks so fresh and springy.
    Now if I could only get that figure. Off to buy photoshop!

  5. Oh, it’s fantastic! Funny too, cuz yesterday when I read the Big Hairy Dog post I noticed the fireplace in the background of one of the pics and realized you hadn’t painted it yet. Then I wondered if it was actually you that wanted to, or some other blog. So… TA DA! You painted it and I’m not losing my mind. Good to know.

  6. Anna, what a wonderful job !!! I, too, have a fireplace (mine is in the unfinished basement {what idiot thought of that?}). Now if painting the fireplace gets me a body like that….I am IN !

  7. WOW! That really brightened it up & made it look so cohesive & PRETTY! Suggestion: A bright turquoise bikini would REALLY pop against that newly painted brick. HAHAHAHA! You are a WONDERFUL NUT, Anna!

  8. The sexy photo makes me really laugh a lot…But the fireplace is awesome and I like the new color of it…Great job!

  9. looks fantastic! i have a bunch of diy projects that i never finish, and make your one-year time period look lightening fast!

  10. I have had this “paint the fireplace” idea buzzing around in my head all day today and then I see this and realize… I have to do it! Thank you! It is going to be amazing… I just know it.

  11. do you ever watch the Nate Burks show? well your completed re-do of the fireplace looks just like something he would have on his show. He does a little segment called House Proud. you should totally send him a photo of the fireplace, I recommend that bikini photo! you might get to be on TV! how cool!!!


  12. I think this is amazing – I too have an awful, hideous, ugly fireplace, floor to ceiling red brick. My neighbor/bff went through the effort of installing gorgeous slate tiles, but dang that’s a lot of work. I think I could handle the painting… and you make it look so purdy! Great post!

  13. This looks wonderful! For about a year, I’ve been thinking to paint my brick fireplace. I finally decided I will for sure do it. But, I hate painting, so I’m procrastinating. :)
    Just wondering what paint color you used? I really like how yours turned out!

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