Huge Toy Giveaway – Ends TODAY!

I’m co-hosting a mega-huge giveaway today. But act quickly – because it’s one-day only!

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We are cruising right along with our Gift Guide Giveaway. Today we are all about toys! Remember, one winner will win all of the gifts in this post!! That’s worth almost $1300!!! Good luck – you only have 24 hours to enter!


Corolle Doll

Every little girl loves dolls! Corolle Dolls are machine washable, adorable and super fun for all ages! They make perfect first dolls…or tenth! They also make more traditional baby dolls and accessories – like that super cute stroller above! Corolle Dolls are so sweet, they are sure to become a favorite! One winner will win:
The Corolle Babipouce Doll
Corolle Elf Grenadine’s Heart
Corolle Mon Premiere Baby Stroller

To learn more about the products that will be given away or to read our full review click here.

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HIT Entertainment

HIT Entertainment knows a lot about fun! With fun characters like Thomas the Tank, Angelina Ballerina, Barney and more they are in the business to make kids smile!

One winner will win a:
Thomas the Train Castle Quest Set
Discovery Kids Tabletop Easle
Discovery Kids Sharkopedia Book

To learn more about the products being given away and to read our full review click here.

learningexpressLearning Express

Learning Express is my favorite toy store ever! With locally owned shops that are so welcoming with the nicest employees, toys out for the kids to explore and only carrying high quality toys they are definitely my first stop when it comes to buying toys! You can find a store near you here.

Learning Express will be giving one winner a box of exclusive Learning Express Toys including:


Rhinestone Wrap Bracelets, Lots of Knots, Magical masterpiece, Get Wired, Trendy Hair Ties, Shoelace Jewelry, DIY Ornaments (in multiple styles!), Wordaround Holiday, Spot it Holiday, Stomp Rocket, and Sling Shot Kit. Yeah. That’s a lot!! WHEW!!

To find out more about the items that are being given away and our full review click here.

To find a location near you and shop at Learning Express click here.



Lundby is a European company (now available in the US!) that makes the most amazing doll houses. The Smaland House (above) has plenty of room, the windows all open and each room is prepped for electricity! Yep! The house is decorated perfectly and if for some reason you need more room you can add on another floor or a garden! The furnishings are just as cute!

One winner will win a Smaland Doll House, electricity kit, Doll family, and furniture!

To find out more about the products that will be given away and our full review click here.

To purchase Lundby products click here.

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Plan Toys

Plan Toys are the place to go for sustainable play! Their toys encourage imaginative play, problem solving and creativity. Extremely well made and cute to boot these would make the perfect gift for any child!

Plan Toys will be giving one winner:
Fairy Tale Blocks Set
Gears and Puzzles Set
Curvy Click Clack

To find out more about the products being given away and to read our full review click here.


Red Wagon Toy Company

Red Wagon Toy Company has tons of great toys for kids! One of my favorites is Rody! Available in a wide variety of colors Rody is fun toy kids can bounce on. It is perfect for developing coordination and balance!

One winner will receive 2 Rody toys!

To purchase Rody click here.

science x coverRavensburger: Science X Kits

If you have science fans you need to get some Science X Kits from Ravensburger!! There are tons of kits to choose from including the ones above!! Each kit is packed full of fun activities to do and things to explore. Kids have so much fun they don’t even realize how much they are learning!

One winner will win:

Science X: Electronics and Circuitry Kit
Science X: CSI Crime Scene Investigation Kit
Science X: Nature Kit

To read our full review of Science X and find out more of the products that will be given away click here.

PicMonkey Collage style me up

Style Me Up

Style Me Up is the perfect gift for tweens! Fun, fashionable, age appropriate and affordable Style Me Up has everything from sketchbooks to jewelry kits to nail polish kits!

One winner will win a $100 prize pack from Style Me Up!

To learn more about the products that will be given away as well as our full review click here.

To purchase Style Me Up products click here.

thinkfun coverThinkFun

Thinkfun has been winning awards for their games since the beginning! Their games promote not only fun, but creativity, problem solving, literacy and more! Their games are designed for toddlers to adults so there is something for everyone.

One winner will win:
Rush Hour
Laser maze
Roll & Play
Word a Round

To find out more about each of the products being given away or to read our full review click here.

PicMonkey Collagewinning


Winning Moves has game night covered! If your family loves playing games then this is THE best place to shop! They have classic games, new games and classic games with a twist. I love being able to share my favorite games I played as a child with my son!

One winner will win:
Pass the Pigs: Pig Party
Totally Crazy Eights
Classic Yahtzee
Stop It!
5ive Straight
Super Big Boggle

To read our full review on Winning-Games or to get more information on the prizes being given away click here.

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One winner will win all of the items mentioned in our Top Toys! Almost a $1300 Retail Value!
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98 comments on “Huge Toy Giveaway – Ends TODAY!

  1. My favorite toy of my childhood was the “Magic Nursery” dolls. I had three of them. I also had three beds, strollers, matching outfits, and so on and so on. It was so much fun! Too bad having real babies wasn’t nearly as much fun.

  2. My favorite toy was the barbie. I had the dream house, the convertible, limo, the horses.. I even got a barbie mcdonalds playset one year.

  3. My favorite toy as a kids was my barbies. I would build houses for them around the house and play with them for hours.

  4. Wow! What an awesome giveaway! I love that there’s something for every type of kid and age group.

  5. My favorite toy when I was growing up was the Weeble Wobbles, because the Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down :)

  6. My favorite toy when I was growing up was my newborn doll. Memories !!!

  7. I used to have a very nice antique looking teapot and tea cups. I loved those. I would play all kinda things with those cups and pot including bowling a ball onto them, toss, tea time…

  8. My favorite toy was my musical stuffed bunny…who still sits proudly on a shelf in my house!

  9. My favorite toy growing up was the hippity hop!! I loved all the different kinds they had and loved to jump down the street on it!

  10. I used to love the old Fashion Plates!! Where you had the flat plastic dolls and laid the paper on top!! How fun~

  11. My favorite toy growing up was a cabbage patch doll with cornsilk hair :)

  12. Boy would winning this make christmas shopping so much easier this year. LOL

  13. My favorite toy was my basketball goal and ball. Spent hours playing.

  14. Loved the Barbie dream house and really enjoyed trying to solve the Rubik’s cube!

  15. My favorite toy as a child was my Polly Pocket stuff. I was a Tomboy, so I usually played sports outside, but my Polly Pocket was the only girly thing I loved. Now that I have a daughter, she’s all girl and loves all of her girly toys. Maybe one day I can teach her how to play sports though.

  16. fav toy growing up was my O’Jenny collection and now my daughter plays with it whenever we go to my parents! :)

  17. My favorite gift was an easel. I wanted to be an artist and my aunt bought me a “real artist’s” easel and I thought that would give me all the talent I needed.

  18. My favorite toys growing up was Strawberry Shortcake and my Cabbage Patch Doll :)

  19. I loved my cabage patch doll. She was a gift when I was 5 years old, a consolation prize for wanting a baby sister. She is now still in my home, and plays with my own 5 year old. My daughter knows that she must be treated extra special, because she’s Mommy’s favorite!!!

  20. I was such a nerd, my favorite things growing up were always books!

  21. My favorite toy growing up was either a lite-brite or my barbies!

  22. Oh my gosh, all of this is awesome! My kids would love the toys!

  23. I loved so many things as a kid. But most of all I love craft kits/crafts in general.

  24. Oh, I loved My Little Ponies so much! Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  25. My favorites were Strawberry Shortcake and all of her friends!

  26. My favorite toy growing up would definitely have been My Little Ponies and my Mall Madness game!

  27. My favorite toys growing up were my Strawberry Shortcake dolls :)

  28. Anything doll related – cabbage patch, strawberry shortcake, barbies :)

  29. my Chrissy doll with the growing hair–I thought it was a miniature of my favorite aunt.

  30. Wow..Awesome Giveaway! My favorite toy growing up was my microscope. Loved looking at all sorts of things through that!

  31. My favorite toy growing up? Anything my brother was playing with!

  32. This would be sooo cool to win,best mom ever!! my favorite toy was my cabbage patch baby!!

  33. My favorite toy was my Chatty Cathy doll. She was really chatty – I loved her so!

  34. This is amazing and wonderful! Growing up, one of my favorite toys was a red boys dirt bike I used to ride off the sidewalks and feel VERY tough and fast on!! Loved that bike!

  35. My favorite toy was my Cabbage Patch baby! I even painted her “nails!”

  36. My favorite toy growing up was a bright green Green Machine! Do you remember trying to steer it by rotating two inside wheels? I LOVED getting it rolling at top speed and thinking I was pretty cool. Good times :)

  37. I loved playing the Game of Life with my family. Board games were always lots of fun, but for some reason, my brother and I would really cut up when we played Life!

  38. Favorite toy was my Easy Bake Oven- inspired a life-long love of baking for others!