House Sitting for Young House Love

I was so excited when Sherry and John from Young House Love asked us to house sit for them while they were speaking at the Portland Home & Garden Show this week. We had a great time and loved staying in their gorgeous house!

Dear John and Sherry,
Thanks so much for inviting us into your home! We had a wonderful time, and I took a few pictures so you could see what our week was like.

First of all, we really LOVE your new kitchen! It’s absolutely gorgeous – you did such a great job.

We LOVE the new kitchen!

I added a few pictures to your gallery wall so that we’d feel more at home. And I figured that since we’re such good friends, you’d probably want some of our pictures in there anyways…

We added a few pictures to the gallery wall

Oh – and while I was at it – I replaced one of the pictures in your master bedroom. I liked what you had there – but I thought that this piece – created by Allison at the House of Hepworths was way better – don’t you think?

New picture from House of Hepworths

I really worked with my kids on their behavior – but they got a little wild at times. Sorry about that!

Miles stood on your furniture - sorry

Alice had an impromptu dance party in your family room. She stole those socks from Allison when we visited the House of Hepworths last month, and she wears them all the time!

Alice loves to dance

And – I have to tell you – Even Steven LOVED your master bathroom. He barely left it all week!

Even Steven loves your bathroom

Thanks again for having us. I should probably tell you, though, it was a little weird that you didn’t leave us a key to get inside. It felt awkward breaking in. Just something to consider for your future house sitters.

Let’s talk soon!

20 comments on “House Sitting for Young House Love

  1. Ha ha ha! I want Allison’s art! AND Even Steven really takes the house-sitting seriously…

  2. (sigh) You’re my heroine. So selfless…taking care of your own family, writing this award-worthy blog, being a writer in waiting AND house-sitting for your friends. And for FREE! Oh, you ARE a saint. St Anna. I’m blessed just to be your BFF who will someday be even MORE blessed to be your live in nanny/housekeeper…..and for only 10% of the profits of your book. Wow. It just doesn’t get any better.

  3. Ha! Why has it taken me so long to go break-in/ virtually house sit other people’s awesome homes? You’ve opened up whole new worlds, I tell you. Btw, thanks for stopping by the blog today and for the Pintrest honor. I may or may not have peed myself a little bit…anywho, love your blog. Consider me Happy Subscriber Number 1055.

  4. Oh my goodness you made me laugh! I have stitches in my stomach right now and I think I busted one open laughing when you put your pics on the wall. You are so funny :) Saw this post over at Homestoriesatoz and I just followed ya :) Something tells me you will be fun to follow :)!